Why ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ Is The Hit 90’s Fans Have Been Waiting For


The 90’s is all the rage right now and with the latest wave of 90’s nostalgia upon us, BOOM studios follows suit with their Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series. This latest reincarnation of these classic characters puts a modern spin on these iconic teenage heroes.

Storyteller Kylee Higgins (Captain America: Theater of War – Prisoners of Duty, Batman: Gates of Gotham, C.O.W.L.) puts out a 2016 story with the characters that started this iconic American franchise. Accompanied by the terrific artwork of Hendry Prasetya (Power Girl, Star Trek: New Adventures, Green Lantern: The Wrath of the First Lantern), they collaborate to make a one-of-a-kind story that truly resonates with people of all ages.

There have been many tries to brand the rangers as a legitimate comic franchise throughout the years. Image Comics and Papercutz Comics have both tried to make the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers come to life through the pages of a comic. But a zero and one official issue into the series and it seems like Boom studios has spun gold with the teenage crusaders.

Higgins makes the Rangers relatable in ways that sometimes the original television show did not. The Green Ranger, Tommy, is dealing with his PTSD from being controlled by Rita — the Rangers’ most deadly nemesis when you’re part of the Ranger team. Tommy is dealing with a battle between light and darkness; Kimberly realizing that Tommy is not picking up the hints that she likes him; and Bulk & Skull hosting their own premium podcast with an option for a premium subscription.

There’s something in this book for everyone, and the great thing is that the reading of the current book does not necessitate a familiarity with the original T.V. show.

As the book continues to unfold, expect more character development from Jason (the Red Ranger), Trini Kwan (the Yellow Ranger), and Zach (the Black Ranger).

Billy, the Blue Ranger, is an interesting character to explore. I’m curious to see if Higgins explores the homosexuality of David Yost and translate some of the issues he faced behind-the-scenes, on the television show, in the comic.

In the midst of developing the protagonists, the Rangers still have to deal with Rita. Rita has something massive up her sleeve, which is specifically designed to combat the Rangers.

You can grab the zero issue and the first issue of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on Comixology or purchase the issue from your local comic book retailer.