Detective Comics #50 Review: Jim Gordon Goes Against History


With Detective Comics and Action Comics reverting back to their original numbering in a few months, DC Comics gave readers a jammed packed #50 of the title their company was named after.

Writer Peter Tomasi (Batman & Robin, Brightest Day, and Blackest Night) delivers a solid conclusion to a Jim Gordon storyline and a great dialogue between original Batman Bruce Wayne and Superman.

Matt Ryan (Batman & Robin Eternal, Justice League International,  and Swords of Sorcery) and Fernando Pasarin (Batgirl, The Outsiders, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors) handle the art for a gigantic issue.

The first story is the conclusion to a Jim Gordon storyline. Gordon has been on the hunt for a lunatic who fetishizes statues around Gotham to the point of no return. The madman has killed, tortured, and beheaded men, women and even an animal, just to complete a “ritual” that would send him to hell, where he could go head-to-head in battle with the Devil.

Jim Gordon, who is without his tech suit (thanks Bloom?) is hot on the killer’s trail. Gordon is back alongside his former partner, Harvey Bullock, to do some good ole’ fashioned detective work.

Although it has been quite a pleasant surprise seeing Gordon wear the bat symbol, it was great to see him and Bullock work the crime beat together again.

Through his deductive reasoning, Gordon is led to an abandoned 18th century cemetery where he duels the man who wants to go to hell. The two foes trade a few jabs until Gordon stops playing around with him. Rather than leave the killer to die, Gordon shows him mercy, something the killer did not deserve.

The second half of the issue is the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, having a sincere dialogue with the Man of Steel, Clark Kent.

Batman describes in detail the evils he has to face on a nightly basis. He also adds how every battle is worse than the last. Instead of his foes staying steady, each one increases in evil from the last.

Of course, Kent being Kent, would say “but I fight Bizarro though.” Some great humor to end the issue.

The New 52 had a few stumbles in the few years that it was active, but Detective Comics always delivered solid stories. The great thing about the New 52 ending is that with DC Rebirth, there will be two issues of Detective Comics every month.