Underoos! Internet Reactions to the New Spider-Man


Today’s Civil War trailer introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man for the first time, with a complete reveal of the new costume and a brief snippet of Tom Holland’s voice in character. The costume had many elements fans could examine: the moving eye lenses, the differing spider symbols on the front and back, the black bands on his arms and legs, the thin pouches around his waist, and the brightness of the colors.  Even though the dust hasn’t quite settled after the reveal, early opinions have certainly been formed about the new look. Here are some of the internet’s initial reactions to Marvel’s new cinematic Spider-Man.

Warning: There is coarse language ahead!

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It’s worth noting that this is definitely not all encompassing of the internet’s opinion, but rather a preview of the initial reactions of a small cross-section of some popular websites. That being said, there were some common themes I observed throughout the comments I read:

  • A lot of people really liked the suit from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as many expressed their opinion that the suit from that film was superior.
  • More than a handful of people were fans of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and wish he still had the role.
  • There are a few comments on the colors of the costume; some think that it’s too bright, while others enjoy that the colors of his suit aren’t muted.
  • CGI! Many people didn’t like the CGI of the suit, or thought there was too much CGI, or thought it looked too “CGI-ish.” Some don’t think it’s CGI at all. Some are sure that it isn’t CGI. Some believe the shot is unfinished -as is the CGI. The mystery of the CGI abounds.
  • The eyes! The eyes seem to be a divisive part of the costume. People really like it, people also hate it. People theorize that Iron Man built the suit and added an adjusting lens in the eyes that will serve some purpose that will be explained. Others believe the movie is following Deadpool and the eyes are meant for emoting under the mask. And for some, all that matters is that… THEY MOVE!
  • The voice! Along with the eyes, this is another element that seems to have two factions in the comment sections. One side believes that the voice suits a teenage Spider-Man perfectly, sounding just as a young person should. The opposing side thinks his voice is completely out of place and doesn’t sound right at all, or think that he sounds too young.
  • As there always is and should be, there exists a group of people in the “wait-and-see camp.” Wait for the eye lens explanation. Wait for a finished shot. Wait for the Tom Holland to deliver more lines. Wait for the movie itself! I’m partially in the “I like it!” group and partially in the “wait-and-see camp.”

What was your reaction to the trailer and reveal? Did you love it? Hate it? Were you more focused on Black Panther and Ant-Man being awesome? Let us know in the comments below.

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