Batman v Superman: Clark Kent Is Like In The Comics


Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent in Batman v Superman isn’t like the Superman movies, but it is closer to the comics according to star Henry Cavill

In the original Christopher Reeve Superman films, Clark Kent is basically a bumbling idiot. It’s part of his cover so no one suspects he is secretly Superman. For Batman v Superman, definitely a more serious comic book film, star Henry Cavill says Clark Kent is a lot closer to his comic book version and therefore a much more serious journalist.

"It’s more the Clark Kent from the comic books as opposed to the Richard Donner, Christopher Reeve version of Clark Kent. While that character is very much beloved, I feel that this Clark is more in line what that who is a journalist. He’s a reporter. There’s less of that light touch, less of that comedic touch to his performance or his presentation to the world. For Clark, there are very serious issues. Certainly, in this movie, he’s trying to get Perry to say, ‘Look, this Batman guy is a bad guy! Let me tell the story about him!’ He’s trying to use his position as a reporter to make things better without having to resort to the cape. It’s interesting to see. There’s a more serious tone. There’s more presence of a place of importance as a journalist."

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Not much to argue here. I mean, it might be a shock to people who only really saw the older Superman movies or maybe Lois & Clark, but for the most part Clark Kent actually is really good at his job, and that is often reflected in the comics, but in the animated versions. He’s even a pretty decent detective you might say. No where near the level of Batman of course, but being a decent detective kinda goes hand in hand with being a good investigative journalist. Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.