DC Superhero Girls Superhero High TV Special Trailer!


Check out the trailer for the DC Superhero Girls TV special, Superhero High!

Have you (or your kids been enjoying) the DC Superhero Girls Web Series? Then you’ll be pleased to know (or probably already do) that an hour long special of DC Superhero Girls called Superhero High is debuting on the Boomerang network this weekend.

Here is the Synopsis and trailer for DC Superhero Girls: Superhero High!

"School is in session for DC Super Hero Girls! This is where students master their super powers, brain power, and will power to become the Super Heroes of tomorrow. When Supergirl crash lands into the cafeteria, it’s evident that though she has incredible power, she has a long way to go before she becomes a Super Hero. As Supergirl learn to harness her powers, the Junior Detective Club investigates a mysterious rash of security breaches. Could it all be because of reformed Super-Villain and Super Hero High Vice-Principal Gorilla Grodd – or something far worse?"

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The DC Superhero Girls web series takes place with all this already established, so Superhero High is a prequel. It’s impressive (and a big challenge) going from a webseries where episodes are only a few minutes long to what is probably a 45-minute special. My one complaint looking at the trailer is I wish for the TV debut they had stepped up the animation quality, but especially with the much longer TV special, it’s probably a budgetary constraint. But it’s good to see a superhero web series focused towards young girls get it’s own TV special, that hopefully is a sign that the web series and franchise as whole is doing well. DC Superhero Girls: Superhero High is set to air March 19th on Boomerang, and if that’s successful, there will probably be more in the future.

h/t BleedingCool.com