Gotham Renewed For Season 3


Gotham has been picked up for another season of villainy

Well Gothamites, if you were worried about Gotham getting picked up for another season, worry no more, as star Ben McKenzie tweeted out this earlier today:

A very early renewal, but not that unusual as Gotham got an early renewal last year. And of course a renewal means the cast and crew can plant seeds for next season. Gotham also joins the large number of DC shows that have been renewed (though most of those are on The CW network, which renewed every single show). Actually, the only DC show that hasn’t been renewed that is based on a DC comic is Lucifer, and it’s still early, so there’s plenty chance that will be renewed as well.

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Well, personally I think this is great news. I thought Gotham was very up and down in quality in season one, but really picked up in season two overall. Still definitely has some flaws to iron out, but many shows don’t really reach their creative peak til season 3 or so (and then usually lose it after season 5, and if they are lucky and last long enough, may pick it back up for a final run a few seasons later). We’ll get to see Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, Penguin, and possibly more grow into the legendary characters they are desperate to become. What villains will emerge in season 3 of Gotham? Season Two also has had two distinct themes, “Rise Of The Villains” & “Wrath of The Villains”, what will next season’s themes be (may I suggest one be “Fall of The Heroes” and we finally see Harvey Dent turn into Two-Face). Will Ra’s AL Ghul make an appearance? What about the court of Owls? And who will still be alive at the end of season two to even make it to season 3? Keep watching Gotham on Fox to find out!