Batman v Superman: Adam West, Supergirl & More Pick Sides


Stars from various shows including Big Bang Theory pick who will win when it’s Batman v Superman

We’ve been seeing answers from various stars of DC comic based shows on the CW network all week about who in their opinion will win in the upcoming biggest cinematic gladiator match of all time, Batman v Superman. But now, everybody from Supergirl to Lucifer is weighing in on this epic battle between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight!

In this new clip below, we do see some familiar footage of cast members from shows like Legends of Tomorrow and the Flash. But there’s also a lot of new footage to check out. Stars from the shows like Supergirl, Supernatural, Lucifer and even the biggest show on TV right now, The Big Bang  Theory all give their answers for this big comic book battle. It’s quite the eclectic collection of stars giving their opinions on something so nerdy. Check it out:

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With all these other shows now chiming in, even more conspicuous by it’s absence is Arrow. It is literally the most Batman-esque show on TV, how are they not being strapped to a chair and forced to give a 5 second answer for Batman v Superman? Some of the answers are pretty obvious (I mean, who else would the cast of Supergirl or Adam West pick?), but it’s interesting to see for example Mayim Bialik  & Jim Parsons give very different answers and their reasonable responses as opposed to just saying “Batman, duh” or “Superman, duh” like most of the people so far. But of course, the one with the actual right answer is Robert Buckley, who plays Major Lilywhite on iZombie: “The winner is friendship!”. Sure the eventual winner is friendship, but I think we all want to see a few fists fly first. Batman v Superman opens in just 6 days on March 25th.