Holly Hunter Talks Batman v Superman


Holly Hunter discusses Batman v Superman on Good Morning America

Just who is Senator Finch and what is she all over Superman’s case about in Batman v Superman? Holly Hunter plays Senator Finch in the upcoming greatest gladiator battle of all time and was on Good Morning America to talk about her character as well as her experience shooting Batman v Superman.

It actually seems like Senator Finch is accusing Superman of doing some fairly shady things. She talks about “shadow intervention” and saying that the hearing is about the “truth”. Odds are she just probably doesn’t like the idea of someone the government can’t really hope to control. Hunter says working on Batman v Superman was a blast, and calls Henry Cavill “adorable”, but notes she didn’t get to work with Ben Affleck. Holly Hunter also talks a little bit about the anniversary of two of her most famous roles, Broadcast News & Raising Arizona. Check out the clip of her interview on Good Morning America below:

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Well, it makes sense that Senator Finch might not interact with Batman/Bruce Wayne. She’s not particularly interested in a human vigilante that mostly sticks to one city as opposed to a powerful alien whose doing good deeds all over the world may actually interfere in government affairs in addition to the fact that we know Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck actually don’t share a whole ton of screen time together in Batman v Superman? We see that Lex Luthor at least has Senator Finch’s ear. Is she a reasonable person who will realize Lex Luthor is nuts, or a zealot who fears Superman and will help to try and take him down regardless of the cost? We’ll find out in just 6 days when Batman v Superman opens in theaters.

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