Gotham: Sean Pertwee Talks Bruce Wayne On The Streets


Gotham’s Sean Pertwee talks about Bruce Wayne’s shocking decision

Lots of shocking things happened in last week’s episode of Gotham, but none more than young Bruce Wayne’s decision to at least temporarily leave his wealthy lifestyle behind on live on the streets of Gotham in order to better understand how he can help the people of Gotham.

Of course, no one was more shocked by this decision than Bruce Wayne’s faithful servant and guardian, Alfred Pennyworth. Sean Pertwee, who plays Alfred on Gotham talked about how Alfred is coping with this decision by his employer in a recent interview:

"With the utmost of horror, of course! It changes the relationship between Alfred and Master Bruce considerably. People say it’s a dysfunctional relationship, and it errs towards not working. It’s a bizarre relationship. Ever since Alfred almost died and was almost stabbed by his former SAS comrade, he sort of questions his own mortality and realizes his life’s work is important. He has to be there to protect this young man.With any teenager, they are always going to elbow their way towards trying to find their own path. They have to come apart in order to bunch back together, and I think Alfred to his dismay, has to accept that. There will be an indication that they have to go through these processes. I have a teenage son like Alfred myself, and you have to find ways to be able to communicate. They can go off on their own, but you hope that you can continue to [reach] a young person, especially a damaged young person like Master Bruce."

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It will definitely be very interesting to see how Bruce Wayne adapts to life on the streets. Sure he’s definitely had some hard experiences, and already dealt with some of Gotham’s worst criminals, but actually living among Gotham’s forgotten and poor will still be very eye-opening for him. Will he be able to handle it, and how will he change from it? Find out on an all-new episode of Gotham tonight on Fox!