Reactions From Last Night’s Batman v Superman Premiere


Early reactions to Batman v Superman are mostly positive

Batman v Superman had it’s big premiere last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Most full reviews of Batman v Superman won’t go up until Tuesday until the review embargo gets lifted, which is 6pm eastern time that day. However, that doesn’t stop people from tweeting out their brief impressions of the film, which seem to be overwhelmingly positive.

One spoiler free review has come out for Batman v Superman from U.K. publication The Sun by critic Emma Gritt, which points out some flaws but is still positive overall:

"The intensity of the insanely long film is achieved with special effects, plot twists, geeky references and the volume being turned up to eleven from start to finish. While die-hard DC Comic devotees might be punching the air as the Justice League are teasingly introduced, the average film fan may be left scratching their head. Overall Zac Snyder’s Batman v Superman blockbuster is an emotionally charged punch-up — but it’s newcomer Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman who really steals the show."

And then here’s also a few twitter highlights from people who went to the premiere:

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Obviously it’s great to hear all these positive reactions for Batman v Superman, but I wouldn’t take it as a guarantee that it’s awesome just yet. Movie premieres tend to get more positive reaction because of the atmosphere (celebrities are there, it’s basically a big party, etc). I’ve definitely seen overwhelmingly positive  reactions from a premiere for movies that are total garbage. But it’s also a good sign that the review embargo for Batman v Superman lifts several days before the movie comes out, as it shows some confidence in the film. We’ll be sure to post those early review for Batman v Superman on Thursday. As for Caped Crusades review, I had to buy a ticket like the rest of the general public and am seeing it Thursday night, so expect a review late Thursday or early Friday morning at the latest.