Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap And Review – “Parting Shots”


After binge-watching all of Daredevil season two (I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to watch even half of it this past weekend), I’m more amped up and ready for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD than usual.

Not-So-Short Summary: Bobbi Morse is on trial (or…in interrogation) for the assassination of three high ranking military men for Russia. She has nothing to say on the matter, except channeling her inner Tony Stark and asking for a cheeseburger. Meanwhile, Hunter claims he and Bobbi are on holiday picking mushrooms. He sure as hell knows his mushrooms.

Their interrogations get better when the lie detectors come into play. Hunter prattles on about his world famous mushroom soup and Bobbi just deflects. Of course, their interrogator figures out their weakness: each other. He carts Hunter away.

Our Russian interrogator wants Bobbi to admit she was working with SHIELD to save Hunter. She refuses. They bring Hunter to her and leave them “alone” for a few minutes. “I bet you could do with a cheeseburger right now,” Hunter says. Neither of them see a way out of their situation.

On the other side of the glass, the President stands with the Prime Minister and discusses how to figure out their difficult situation. He says there’s a race for powered individuals. Flashes of Civil War?

Coulson goes into the room with Bobbi and Hunter to give them an escape plan, but they say it’s not worth it. SHIELD will get discovered, they can’t risk it. Instead, they bite the bullet. Essentially, they get fired and are free to go.

He returns to the Bus, empty-handed, and delivers the news that they’ve been disavowed. They can no longer be agents. SHIELD is two agents down and Agents of SHIELD is losing two fantastic characters.

Something went down in Siberia and we’re about to find out!

34 hours earlier, SHIELD has tracked Malick to a remote location in Siberia with Bobbi and Hunter on the ground. Coulson wants them to find out what Malick’s up to–no assassinations necessary. Hunter’s not a fan of that last part, and there’s definitely a lot of setup for the two of them to head to their spinoff.

Of course, they get caught, fight their way out, and rendezvous with SHIELD. May and Hunter head off together to sneak into Malick’s Russian HQ while Skye and Mack set up in the security station and Bobbi pretends to be Russian and plant a bug so SHIELD can hear Petrov’s grandstanding.

The Russian Prime Minister is against the Inhuman sanctuary, to Malick’s surprise. And General Androvich, the Minister of Defense, who is the first Inhuman politician…who happens to have access to nuclear launch codes, as Mack points out. The Russians need Malick’s help so that their sanctuary dreams don’t die.

And of course Malick is actually staging a coup. The General is out of his restraints, but Malick is nowhere near him because the Russian Prime Minister is en route. Their mission is to protect the Prime Minister. May causes a distraction while Bobbi, Mack, and Daisy take the General away from the prime Minister. But his Inhumanity comes out.

It’s not just a shadow, it’s a separate entity from him. It’s a cool effect and kind of reminds me of the Sandman in Spider-Man. But there’s no actual way to defeat it, according to FitzSimmons back at the lab.

Bobbi makes the only play she sees to save Hunter from said shadow: she kills the General.

Back in the present, Bobbi and Hunter try to figure out where to hide out until government agencies forget about them, stop tailing them, and start trusting them again. They then get sent a half-dozen shots from their SHIELD compatriots and have a proper spy sendoff.

Post-Credits Stinger: Gideon Malick is shooting clay pigeons with his daughter. She’s quite eager to meet this new iteration on Ward. Have we seen her before or is this just to show that Malick’s entire family is crazy?

Badass Moment of the Week: Any time Bobbi gets to use her fancy battle staves that fly back to her is a badass moment in my book.

Best One-Liner: “He was just doing his job,” Bobbi says as Hunter smashes a dude’s face into the ground.
“Yeah, so was Stalin,” Hunter replies.

The runner-up best one liner was Hunter giving his name for the baseline of the lie detector: Amadeus Ravenclaw Hunter.

You know, maybe it was the fact that I had a really long day, but the scene of Bobbi and Hunter getting shots from all of their SHIELD compatriots had me in tears. It was a classy way to send them off on their own way. Bobbi and Hunter are two of the best characters, and Agents of SHIELD is going to have to make it up to us somehow. Marvel’s Most Wanted better be the best damn show I’ve ever watched.

Regardless, they better be back for the finale. Or sooner.

On next week’s episode, Grimm has its Black Claw targeting Wessen; Agents of SHIELD has its Watch Dogs targeting Inhumans.