Batman v Superman Is ‘Impossible Version Of Watchmen’


Batman v Superman director connects Watchmen to his current superhero movie

Love him or hate him, Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder does have a lot of experience bringing comic books and superheroes to the big screen, Sure there’s Man of Steel, but there’s also 300, which was based on a comic book, and the previously thought impossible Watchmen movie. So he brings plenty of experience to Batman v Superman.

And it’s exactly his experience filming Watchmen that heavily influenced Snyder’s approach to Batman v Superman, even to the point where he says it’s a continuation of that movie’s ideals:

"It’s all about the ‘why’ of superheroes: the political why, the religious why, the philosophical why. Once you’ve absorbed that material, there’s no way it doesn’t resonate with you, especially when you’re dealing with characters like Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, who are basically the trinity. In some ways, this will be, I hope at its really best, the impossible version of Watchmen."

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This quote may just show how out of touch Zack Snyder actually is. The most amazing achievement of Watchmen was that Snyder managed to get something that sort of resembles the comic onto the big screen. I own Watchmen, it’s got some amazing moments, but it’s also a deeply flawed film that definitely does not succeed in spite of those flaws. And it was a disappointing failure both critically and commercially, actually killing other mature superhero movies in development at the time. Because what the studios got wasn’t that Watchmen was a problematic movie, it was that audiences didn’t want a mature, grown up take on superheroes. But as usual, studios took he wrong lesson. Is that what we are looking at here with Batman v Superman, a film with some great things but deeply flawed (most reviews seem to suggest this)? Because that won’t be seen as a successful launch of a movie universe, more like an incredibly rough start.

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