Gotham: 5 Standout Moments Of Mad Grey Dawn


Gotham’s latest episode, “Mad Grey Dawn”, featured a ton of great moments. It might actually be the standout episode of the season, mainly because in the course of one episode, you had things pay off, matter and have real consequences which is not something you often see in just one episode of Gotham. Here are 5 moments from “Mad Grey Dawn” that really stood out for me (WARNING: SPOILERS FOLLOW THE MAD GREY DAWN EPISODE OF GOTHAM):

Next: #1:....Riddler's First Riddle Crime

#1.Riddler’s First Riddle Crime

Granted, it’s been an incredibly slow burn, but our first real taste of Edward Nygma, actually being the Riddler, pulling off a crime and leaving obtuse clues to solve, might be the best villain turn they have done so far on Gotham. It’s perfectly in step with who Edward Nygma as the Riddler is. Dangerous, yet still playful. Gordon must’ve taken brain pills before this episode though, because he’s never been this quick at figuring things out before. Like it actually might’ve been funny to drag this endgame out another episode or two because Gordon isn’t actually smart enough to figure out these Riddles (because then why do you need Batman?).

But ultimately what really makes this work is that Nygma’s first eloquent “Riddler Crime” is a resounding success. I mean, the standard procedure here would be that even if it takes a few episodes, Jim Gordon would figure everything out in time and save the day. Maybe Nygma would become an inmate at Arkham, swearing puzzle revenge on Gordon when he gets out. It would be fine. But not nearly as satisfying and emboldening for Nygma.

Next: #2:....Bruce Loves Pain

#2. Bruce Loves Pain

So let’s address possibly the most random moment in Mad Grey Dawn. Bruce is getting beaten down by Butch’s cousin for attempting to steal some cash with Selena. Alfred’s words about being able to outlast someone bigger than you. And then, NOTHING COMES OF THAT. Sure, he gets in a good punch or two, but it has nothing to do with outlasting the guy. Bruce gets a sudden surge of anger because the guy was insulting his dead parents. It’s like the writers wanted to have Bruce remember Alfred’s lesson, but then couldn’t figure out how to use it, but then forget to cut it out of the episode anyways. Is that even possible? It’s just weird and one of the more incoherent single scenes I’ve watched in awhile.

But it does lead to another solid early Batman moment, which is Bruce realizing he likes pain. Pain is his new best friend, it made him feel alive, etc. Batman is of course all about pain, both physical and emotional. You can bet this will lead to Bruce getting into unnecessary danger down the line though (but that also can be very Batman).

Next: #3:....Penguin Freaks Out Nygma

#3. Penguin Freaks Out Nygma

Penguin is reformed, oh happy day! But it turns out a new, docile Penguin doesn’t have much of a place in Gotham it seems. He’s lucky to get away with a tarring and feathering from former lackey and current king of the Gotham underworld, Butch (really, who saw that coming?). But that’s ok, Penguin can depend on his new best bud, Edward Nygman, right? Well, no. It seems that those two only really bonded as long as they were partners in crime. In fact, the new reformed Oswald is freaking out Nygma, he has only recently really embraced his true, murderous and sinister self, so Nygma shows Penguin the door, putting the kibosh on their once budding friendship. This scene also reveals that Nygma is the anonymous informant to Internal Affairs, and that Penguin was the one feeding him info about Gordon. But it’s admittedly not clear why he told Nygma, Penguin didn’t seem to particularly have it in for Gordon, even though Gordon basically abandoned him at Arkham. But regardless, a major change doesn’t do Penguin any good, seemingly leaving him all alone in the world.

Next: #4:....Penguin Meets His Father

#4. Penguin Meets His Father

So, feeling all alone in the world, Penguin visits his mother’s grave. He doesn’t know how he’ll get along without her. But then a mysterious stranger from Gertude’s past appears! And it’s Penguin’s father! Turns out he didn’t know he had a son, Gertrude just ran off 30 years ago and didn’t tell him. So that’s actually a pretty good excuse for not being around until just now. And hey, it turns out dad is loaded!

This is definitely one element of Penguin that seemed to be missing up until now. Penguin usually came from money. His crimes were often more motivated by being an outcast of both his family and society. So maybe that’s where this element starts to take shape. Though his father welcomed Penguin to the family with open arms, the rest of his new family already seems ready to drop him like a bad habit. Will they drive Penguin back into a life of crime? Most likely.

Next: #5:....Gordon Goes To Prison

#5. Gordon Goes To Prison

Well, that escalated quickly. I mean, this is a plot thread Gotham could have dangled well into season 3 if they really wanted to. But nope, Nygma’s plan to get Gordon out of his hair before Gordon even becomes a serious problem is an immediate success. Sure, it will most definitely blow up in his face sooner or later (most likely by the season finale at the latest) but let’s let Ed enjoy this huge win for now. Gordon has certainly been down and out before, but of course prison is a whole new level. Will Gordon meet some old friends while in Blackgate Prison? is the Eletrocuioner going to be his new cellmate? Now granted, in real life a cop going to prison would most definitely be separated from the general population because well he’d be dead in a day otherwise. But there’s no way Gordon doesn’t have a run-in (possibly several) with the inmates. Bullock is determined to prove Gordon was framed (you know for the murder he didn’t commit, not the one he did), but he’ll probably need help, where can he get it from? Will he be able to convince Barnes that Jim isn’t the vicious murderer he seems to be? Guess we’ll find out.

And that’s 5 standout moments from this week’s episode of Gotham, “Mad Grey Dawn”! What were some moments that stood out for you in this episode? Let us know in the comments and be sure to keep watching Gotham on Fox!