The Tick: Peter Serafinowicz Cast As Titular Blue Superhero


British actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz has been cast as lead in the new Amazon pilot The Tick

This adaptation will be a brand new take on the beloved comic book character created by Ben Edlund. The superhero The Tick was first seen on the small screen in a 1994 animated show and then in 2001 in live-action on Fox. The show is expected to keep to its comedy roots with Serafinowicz starring. It will also have Patrick Warburton, star of the original live-action series, returning as an executive producer.

Serafinowicz is no stranger to comedy or comic book adaptations having had roles in both the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy and cult classic Shaun of the Dead. Viewers may also recognize him from his guest roles on the comedy shows Parks and Recreation and The IT Crowd.

Serafinowicz has also racked up some major geek cred for his role as the voice of the villain Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. While Serafinowicz does not have the jawline of Patrick Warburton that so closely resembled the comic character, his comic timing is impeccable, as he’s shown on his own short-lived TV show The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

With his extensive comic background and apparent affinity for comics and geek cultural (as seen by his roles), the legacy of The Tick is safe seems to be in safe hands.

While not a lot is known regarding the story that this newest adaption of The Tick, Deadline has released the following synopsis, which seems to not include the comic characters origins in a mental hospital for being legally insane

"The reboot is bringing back the eponymous muscle-bound, antennae-sporting superhero (Serafinowicz). In the new incarnation, the blue-suited Tick is recovering from a memory loss and ends up reteaming with his sidekick Arthur (Griffin Newman) to fight evil. The two are surrounded by a new host of characters that include Arthur’s sister Dot (Valorie Curry)."

One thing to note about the synopsis is that there is no mention of the character’s comic origins — which is his confinement to a mental hospital for being legally insane.