The Lego Batman Movie Trailer Has Arrived!


Check out the first trailer for the Lego Batman Movie!

Well, it’s a little later than expected (supposedly this was supposed to drop yesterday), but the first trailer for the highly anticipated (at least by me for sure) Lego Batman Movie is here!

The trailer for the Lego Batman Movie doesn’t reveal much, but does get us into a little more into Batman as a character and we get a pretty sweet look at the Batcave, check it out below, and The Lego Batman Movie debuts in theaters February 2017:

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Yup, this trailer for the Lego Batman Movie focuses just a little bit on what Batman does after a long day of fighting crime and not really much else. We don’t get to see any of the announced cast (Robin, Batgirl, Joker, etc.) or get any sense of the plot. We do ever so briefly see a scene of Batman running with the Justice League, so odds are they’ll show up in this movie as well, but will there be some non-DC characters popping in, like Gandalf or Wyldstyle or Unikitty? Will this actually tie into the Lego Movie in any way?

But it’s really ok that we don’t know much about the Lego Batman Movie. In fact, probably all we should get is little tidbits like this. I mean, the main reason the Lego Movie worked so well is that it had so many surprises and really subverted our expectations. I mean, everybody thought that was going to be the most cynical cash grabs of all time, and it turned out to be one of the best animated movies ever. So hopefully the Lego Batman Movie is equally adept at surprising us and subverting our expectations. We’ll find out for ourselves when the Lego Batman Movie hits theaters February 2017.