Batman v Superman Director’s Cut Out July 16th On Video


The Ultimate Edition Of Batman v Superman will be out just a few months after the theatrical release

Seen Batman v Superman and can’t wait to own it on home video, especially to see that 30 extra minutes and that R-Rated director’s cut? Well you won’t have to wait very long!

The Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, which will include both the theatrical release and the director’s cut of the movie that is rated R and will have 30 minutes of additional footage that will include among other things Jena Malone, will be released in two editions on July 16th.

There will be just the standard Blu-ray edition which will contain both cuts and run you $35.99, but there’s also the Amazon exclusive Collector’s editions (other stores may have other exclusive versions with some sort of physical goodie included, we’ll have to wait and see) come with either a Batman or a Superman statue for a whopping $129.95. That’s a lot, but if you thought Batman v Superman really delivered, you might be willing to pay that. No bonus features have been listed as of yet, but Zack Snyder recently gave some details on what footage you’ll see in the director’s cut:

"There’s a little bit of action, there’s a little bit of violence that we trimmed out for the MPAA that we put back. The Batman warehouse rescue, there’s a couple shots of Doomsday that were too intense. Then there’s a little bit longer ending, sort of the ending sequence, and the opening of the movie, the North Africa sequence is really much different."

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So you’ll have a wait of less than 4 months to get to check out what the Ultimate Version of Batman v Superman is. We’ll of course update you readers on this as we get more news. I really want there to be at least a director’s commentary, because love or hate Batman v Superman, it would be fascinating to hear Zack Snyder describe his decision-making process and justification for big plot holes as well if he talks about any studio meddling. We’ll hopefully get some answers to that on July 16th when Batman v Superman comes to home video.

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