Has “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” Made A Huge Mistake?


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD may have made a huge mistake. And much like GOB Bluth, they probably don’t even realize it.

One of the best things to come out of the second season of Agents of SHIELD was the addition of two new members of the club: Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. While we may not have trusted Hunter at the beginning of things (since he had just witnessed a superpowered person killing his boss and numerous friends right in front of him), he soon became the funniest character on the show.

If there’s one thing that many people don’t enjoy about Agents of SHIELD, it’s that it tends to be way too dark. Especially in comparison to the likes of Marvel’s Agent Carter, the tone, the colors, and even the settings are too serious. It’s a show about comic book characters! It shouldn’t be so serious! Leave that to DC movies! But Hunter always brought a sense of humor to his scenes, and that only grew with each passing episode.

Sometimes the seriousness is too much to take. That’s when it’s nice to have someone not take it so seriously, to be the one interrogated and talking about mushroom soup or when a cohort asks what if the thing coming through the portal can’t be killed, says how he can’t speak for what everyone else will do, but he’ll probably run.

Bobbi Morse started her first episode as a wildcard, buried deep within Hydra and freaking out Agents Simmons. That facade didn’t last, and we came to know the real Mockingbird after just twenty minutes of screen time. (Plus she got her blonde hair back in the next episode.)

She takes ass-kicking to a new level, splitting the duties with Melinda May but bringing her own style to it. Her character always puts others before herself; and when it comes to her ex-husband… well, even though things started out rocky and they could barely stand to be in the same room together, they warmed up to each other and became one of the best dynamic duos on the show.

Put these two together and you get a scene full of ex-lover banter. You don’t even need to see their past to know how storied it is; you hear it in their words and see it in their body language and expressions.

And it’s a devastating loss and probably a terrible mistake to have both of these characters leave Agents of SHIELD. Granted, Marvel’s Most Wanted, if ordered for more than just a pilot, will definitely be must-watch TV to see what these two characters will have been up to after leaving SHIELD.

But their goodbye on Agents of SHIELD hurt much more than anticipated. I’m not even ashamed to say that I burst into tears as their cohorts sent them shot after shot in the only fitting farewell. Agents of SHIELD needs to prove that it can fill the void these two are leaving in their wake. We need someone else to kick butt and speak multiple languages. We need another dry-humored, one-liner machine that lightens every scene.

And if Marvel’s Most Wanted doesn’t pan out, Coulson better have a damn good loophole to get them back into SHIELD.