Marvel Teases Death Of X For Fall 2016


Marvel has released a new teaser with only the words “Death of X” and a date. Very ominous…

It would appear that things are about to get even worse for the X-Men of the Marvel Universe.

Today Marvel released a teaser image with the phrase “Death of X” on it and a date of Fall 2016. No other information was offered as to what all of this might mean.

At this point we don’t know if this is the name of a storyline, event, new series or what. Even the “X” could mean anything, though where that particular letter is concerned, it usually means the X-Men.

Considering all the bad things that have been happening to the mutants of the Marvel Universe as of late, thanks mostly to the Terrigen Mist that has been released into the atmosphere, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. It has caused the M-Pox plague as well as effectively sterilizing the mutant race, not to mention the fact that Inhuman/mutant relations have never been worse.

And worst of all for the entire X-Men franchise is that their movie rights are held by 20th Century Fox. Many have long speculated that Marvel would like nothing more than to make the X-Men franchise disappear altogether and replace them with the Inhumans, which Marvel owns.

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Of course, that is all speculation. When I saw the image the first thing I noticed was that they used the same font for theology of the Death of Wolverine miniseries. Could it have anything to do with that and the possible return of Logan?

Right now any guess could be right. So it looks like we’ll all have to wait until Marvel is good and ready to tell everyone what exactly the “Death of X” means.