New Jessica Jones Ongoing Series Coming Soon


Jessica Jones will soon be returning to comic book stores everywhere as a new ongoing monthly series is being planned.

In comic book terms, Jessica Jones has always been something of a B or C-list character. Better known as the wife of Luke Cage, she has starred in two short-lived series and was a supporting cast member of the New Avengers for years while Brian Michael Bendis wrote the series.

When Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos created the character in Alias, it was as part of the Marvel’s MAX imprint, so the book, while very good, never achieved the level of popularity it should have and remained a cult classic for years.

That was, until Netflix came calling and everything changed.

Thanks to Jessica Jones becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and joining Daredevil on Netflix, just about everyone knows who she is now. New fans have discovered her earlier comic book adventures and realized what readers have known for years: Jessica Jones kicks ass.

So it should surprise no one that Bleeding Cool is reporting that a new Jessica Jones series is in the works.

At Wondercon is has been leaked that a new ongoing Jessica Jones monthly series is being planned and that both Bendis and Gaydos are on board. An announcement is expected in a few months, probably right around the time of San Diego Comic-Con and the second season of her Netflix series.

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As to whether the book will be part of the MAX imprint again or something more all-ages is not known, but to have a regular series running alongside the Netfilx show is a no-brainer. I’m just surprised it took them this long to get something together.

More news on the Jessica Jones comic book series as it develops.