Batman v Superman Deleted Scene Released!


The first deleted scene from Batman v Superman has been released!

Love it or hate it, Batman v Superman can be considered a very confusing movie. A lot of it seems to expect the audience to fill in the blanks, or just has no explanation whatsoever. But it seem like the deleted scenes that will be included in the R-rated director’s cut  of Batman v Superman due out in a few months just might explain a lot of those gaps.


So one of the biggest issues I had with the film is Lex Luthor seeming to know that Darkseid is coming. Batman knowing something big is coming gets explained. He gets a vision of an apocalyptic future with Flash warning him of the danger to come. Ok, but Lex just starts blurting it out at the end of the film. How does he know? Well, you can kind of assume he might’ve gotten knowledge from his time with the Kryptonian ship, but a scene showing that would’ve made things so much easier.

And that’s exactly what is shown in this just-released deleted scene from Batman v Superman. Lex is on the Kryptonian ship, with a space-demon thingy that while not named, is most likely Steppenwolf, one of Darkseid’s minions. That makes the scene at the end of the movie make so much more sense. Check out the clip below:

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I know timing can be incredibly tight for any movie, and you have to make cuts somewhere. But this explains one of the biggest plot holes in Batman v Superman AND IS ONLY 45 SECONDS LONG. You couldn’t have taken out that 45 seconds somewhere else? This gives the impression that much of what makes up that extra 30 minutes of footage that we will see in the director’s cut of Batman v Superman will fill in many of the major plot holes. So maybe the director’s cut will actually make for a much better film (kinda like the director’s cut of Daredevil, which still wasn’t good but the director’s cut vastly improved it), but of course that’s not a good thing for people who will only see it in theaters. Batman v Superman is playing in theaters now and the R-Rated director’s cut that will include deleted scenes such as this will be out on video July 16th.