Daredevil Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: “Man In The Box”


Whoa! The scene between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk alone was easily worth the price of admission. With this episode we are hurtling towards the end at speeds that would be uncomfortably fast for airliners.

Things have been crazy and only getting worse for our protagonists, and there is much to talk about. FULL SPOILERS begin directly below.

Not-So-Short Summary: Daredevil Episode 10 “Man in the Box” begins with the police going through the area Daredevil found. The caged youth are brought to Metro General to recover on the down low at the suggestion of Daredevil. They’re delivered to the night nurse who promptly puts them in a wing of the hospital that is technically not in use. Matt soon speaks to her before finding out that Frank Castle escaped from prison.

Soon Matt, Foggy and Karen are called into the DA’s office. It turns out her child’s life had been threatened. She admits to the conspiracy Karen was researching, right before a hail of bullets kills her and puts Foggy into the hospital. The three of them remain on separate pages as Matt heads off to find Castle, Foggy heads to the hospital and Karen heads to her second home at the newspaper. The assistant DA talks to Foggy and Karen before leaving to disappear.

Matt Murdock goes to the prison to speak to Wilson Fisk. After finding out that Frank Castle had been sent to the same prison Wilson was in, he had a lead he had to chase. What was supposed to be a conversation to produce information for Matt on what went town turned sideways quickly after he tried to play hardball on the topic of Wilson’s wife. Wilson responds with a light beating and the sort of threat that typically sends people running for the hills.

At the newspaper, Karen goes to chase down Frank Castle. She and her editor head off to the medical examiner’s current hidey hole. There they find him dead, recent victim of a massacre. Karen decides to get the rest of her information from home and goes with an escort from a pair of police officers.

Elektra leaving New York comes across a charming French man at an airport bar. He seems to be trying to talk himself into her pants before she lies about her name and he corrects her. They get into a fight where Elektra kills him, but before he dies, he reveals that he was sent by Stick to kill her.

Matt Murdock holds vigil over the hospital that holds both foggy and the youth that were previously caged. The night nurse tries to talk him into spending time with Foggy, but he opts not to. There we find out that the victims from the cages have been filled with all sorts of strange substances.

Frank Castle shows up at Karen’s house while she’s there. He knocks out the cops and approaches her. After getting her to drop the gun she has trained on him, he saves her from a hail of bullets designed to both kill her and make it look like he was responsible. The house is shot to hell before they make their escape.

Back in prison, Kingpin goes over his files on Matt Murdock. Back at the hospital, a small army of ninjas arrives, just as the caged youth rise from their hospital beds like children in a horror movie.

Miscellaneous Musings and Thoughts: After watching the scene with Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, I’m already salivating for Season 3. He can’t possibly completely destroy Daredevil in only three episodes, can he?

It looks like we’re about one episode away from rock bottom. All the cards are stacked against him, and Matt’s been spending all his time trying to chase his support away. We’ve reached the point in the season where it’s all hands on deck.