Daredevil Season 2, Episode 11 Recap And Review: “.380”


No one is safe … anywhere. The DA has been assassinated. Ninja move where they please. And a villain named the Blacksmith has Hell’s Kitchen under his thumb. Not only that, but Daredevil, who is in way over his head, has been doing his best martyr impersonation.

Will he make it out of this in one piece? What about everyone else? FULL SPOILERS begin directly below.

Not-So-Short Summary: Daredevil Episode 211 “.380” begins with an army of ninjas. Despite Daredevil’s best efforts to fight them off, they escape with the patients and kill one of the nurses. Matt tries to explain what happened and where the Hand came from to Claire, who warns him about how he’s doing too much alone.

Meanwhile Karen is being interrogated by the police about the attempt on her life in the last episode. They put her in protective custody. As she’s being delivered to a safe location, she sees Matt and quickly reminds him that not only is she not his to protect, but also that Frank Castle is surprisingly not responsible for the rash of killings that have followed his release from prison.

After they arrive at her locations, Karen sneaks out to meet with the Punisher. He takes her out for coffee and they talk for a while before Karen realizes he was using her as bait. When the men who were meant to kill her enter, she is there to witness Frank brutally killing them after they tell him where to look for the man responsible for their attack. Daredevil chases down the assistant DA and gets a lead that leads him to an old enemy.

Foggy’s old friend Marci visits him in the hospital and lets him know that his attempts to defend Frank Castle has produced a buzz around his name, and offers to shop him around to interested firms.

Claire finds one of the ninja who died had been autopsied at one point. The hospital responds by taking a large bribe, hushing everything up and firing her.

Frank speaks with Madame Gao and gets just enough information to be in the right time at the right place. His super senses pick up the fight already in progress from the Punisher as he begins mowing down the Blacksmith’s men. Frank mows down the Blacksmith’s men, sets the boat to blow, then finds the captain and is about to execute him when Daredevil arrives.

Daredevil stops him from killing the captain (who is not the Blacksmith) which results in them fighting on the boat. The Blacksmith’s men arrive to blow up the ship and Frank knocks Daredevil overboard.

Sticks sends a pair of his men off to find Daredevil. Elektra maims them quickly then heads into Stick’s home to find him. The men drive to get Matt Murdock. They let him know that Elektra is gunning for Stick. Karen heads with the police to the boat yard. Foggy leaves the hospital with Claire and the stolen patients are returned to the strange unit that was draining them in the first place. This episode ends with Elektra walking into Stick’s home. He has a sword drawn and they are ready to throw down.

Miscellaneous Musings and Thoughts: This show is much like the hospital was in the third episode. There are so many threads open and bleeding for attention that it seems almost impossible that two episodes will be enough to give us an acceptable ending.

Daredevil takes place in a complicated world where there are no easy solutions. Every choice makes things better and worse for everyone involved. It’s been a heartrending ride, but I’m still strapped in and eager to see where it ends.