Gotham: 5 Stand Out Moments From Prisoners


We pick the 5 standout moments from this week’s episode of Gotham!

This week’s episode of Gotham, “Prisoners”, was a much subtler and quieter episode, all focused on the new situations both former Detective James Gordon and former mob kingpin Penguin were facing in their lives. Nevertheless, it was an extremely eventful episode surrounded with several pivotal deaths, many of which make m list of the 5 standout moments of the episode. Let’s take a look at them now (Warning, spoilers for the “Prisoners” episode of Gotham follow, you have been warned!):

Next: #1:....Lee Has a Miscarriage

#1. Lee Has A Miscarriage

It could be argued that Leslie “Lee” Thompkins had the biggest overall impact on this week’s episode of Gotham. And she wasn’t even in the episode. But upon hearing the news that Lee had miscarried, and not being able to be there for her when she needs Jim the most, this along with a much needed pep talk from Puck, Jim’s new friend on the inside, is what motivates Jim to do whatever it takes to not only clear his name, but find Leslie again. It could be a driving force for the rest of the season. And this won’t be a thread that is just left hanging forever. Leslie Thompkins is too important to the history of Bruce Wayne to just dissapear like this. As someone who helped shape Bruce into the man he becomes, she is instrumental in him being Batman, whether that was her intention or not. Plus Morena Baccarin said she’s coming back!

But this really seems like the writers had backed themselves into a corner and this was the only way out they could figure. Yes, Morena Baccarin was actually pregnant, but the writers also said they weren’t going to address it, and then they went ahead and did just that, and then essentially got rid of the plotline so it doesn’t matter anymore. Sure it’ll have some emotional impact initially, but how much do you want to bet this miscarriage is never, ever brought up in season 3? An important moment, but also a really damn convenient one.

Next: #2:....The Return Of Falcone

#2. The Return Of Falcone

Falcone! I honestly never thought I’d care if Falcone came back to Gotham, but this was such a great way to bring him in, even if it was probably just a one-time thing. Obviously he owed Jim Gordon a great deal, and while he could’ve said no to Bullock, that’s just not the kind of guy Falcone is, even a guy like him has a code of sorts. It’s probably also the only feasible way Jim could get out of prison. And Jim needed to get out of prison, because let’s face it, not only was his life in danger, Bullock had no chance of proving Jim’s innocence on his own.

I also like that Falcone presented Jim with the choice to leave Gotham behind. This is a choice that has been presented to Jim many times by many different people, and this is the first time he actually had a reasonable answer (finding Lee) as to why he would go back/wouldn’t leave. It’ll be interesting to see just how long Jim remains on the run, and if they manage to prove his innocence and that Nygma was the one to frame him.

Next: #3:....Jim Gordon Fakes His Death

#3. Jim Gordon Fakes His Death

At first, Gordon seems pretty resigned to his fate. He doesn’t even seem that interested in Harvey helping prove he was framed. But then he meets a young man, Puck, who thinks Jim is a real hero. Jim is convinced that he is no hero, but Puck won’t stop believing in him. And it does actually have an effect on Jim. It helps motivate him to carry on and do what it takes. Becuase the Jim Gordon that entered that prison would’ve either not left when someone was trying to fake kill him to break him out, or at least would’ve actually given up and left Gotham when Falcone gave him that option. This might be the turning point Jim Gordon needs to be the hero to hold Gotham together until a certain Caped Crusader shows up.

Next: #4:....Elijah Van Dahl Dies

#4. Elijah Van Dahl Dies

Nobody on Gotham can be happy for long. This is especially the case with someone like Penguin, who lost his father almost as fast as he found him. And at leas for the moment, he might think it’s his fault. Dear old dad welcomed Penguin in and forgave all his past sins, basically giving Penguin a clean slate. He was even going to have Oswald, his only blood heir, inherit a significant chunk of his wealth. But his wife and step-children, who had clearly been waiting for years for the fragile man to just die of natural causes (he did have a hole in his heart after all, they probably figured it wouldn’t be that long) weren’t happy with that idea and decided to take action before anything in Elijah’s will could be changed.

And thus disappears Penguin’s chance for a normal life. It’s pretty clear his “conditioning” at the hands of Dr. Strange is losing its hold. But his father might have been able to keep him in check. Not to mention Penguin has a history of being very wealthy, and while Penguin might not be that interested in money, he might be very interested in revenge and the power his father’s fortune would grant him…

Next: #5:....Puck Dies

Much like no one on Gotham can stay happy for too long, anybody full of hope and optimism needs to be snuffed out quick. So you knew a guy like Puck wasn’t long for this world. But he served his purpose, which was to make Jim believe in himself again. Even in death, Puck believed that Jim Gordon was a true hero, and that in turn convinced Gordon that yeah, he is a hero. Heroes do what is right, and heroes don’t run just because the chips are down. So much like we are seeing Bruce Wayne’s journey to be a hero of Gotham, we are seeing Jim Gordon get back on the right track to being a hero of Gotham, which is sorely needed.

And there are our 5 stand out moments from the “Prisoners” episode of Gotham! What moments from the episode stood out to you? Gotham is on hiatus for a week, but when it comes back on April 11th, we we also be back with an all-new top 5 moments of the next episode, “Into The Woods”! Until next time, Gothamites!