Why Batman Needed Rebooting


This is a Batman reboot we needed

In light of the release of the new Batman vs. Superman movie the Batman franchise has been yet again rebooted. Many people were very disappointed to hear that Christian Bale had been replaced and that the new Batman would be yet again re-spun within a yet another new DC universe.  While this disappointment is understandable due to the fact  the The Dark Knight trilogy was considered one of the best if not the best adaption of Batman yet.  It is also not taking into the fact that the story was in need of a reboot and a fresh perspective.

The Dark Knight series covered iconic villains in the Joker,Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul. While this made the series a huge hit both with the majority of fans and in the box office it also left the franchise with nowhere else to take the story. Not only that but in The Dark Knight Rises the debated handing over of the bat cave to John Blake left the franchise with very few new places to take the story. With John Blake presumably becoming Batman there was no way to bring Christian Bale’s Batman back and introducing Joseph Gordon Levitt as Batman within a new movie was never a viable option.   Also within the matter of  just three movies Christian Bale’s batman had been effectively aged broken and retired. While this may have made for an interesting movie late within a Justice League franchise it maturely ended his story.

With that in mind a new perspective and reboot of the Batman franchise was not only a smart idea, it was needed.  The Justice League is an integral part of  Batman’s story in almost every universe and something that the Dark Knight trilogy had closed the door to. Arguably the Justice League stories and characters offer more diverse and interesting story lines than even Marvel’s Avengers. With the great box office and adoration of fans that the Avengers series is receiving  DC has put a plan in action that will release films that will rival the Avengers. That is something that they could not do   With that in mind a reboot to include Batman in this universe was not only ideal but necessary.  The new reboot is something that DC needed to do to further explore the DC universe on the big screen. Like or dislike the new spin on Batman the one thing that most any fan will agree on is the need for Dc to explore the Justice League story and what character is more important within the League then Batman?

The reboot will allow fans to see the largest combination of DC heroes since Smallville was airing. Even then the story was explored in a very limiting manner void of the majority of the founding members.  The reboot of the Batman franchise will allow us to hopefully see an endless combination of Justice League members. So while painful as it may be to let go of The Dark Knight franchise we have gotten attached to this is the reboot that not only opens many story opportunities but that the DC universe needed.