Legends Of Tomorrow #1: Interview With Aaron Lopresti


Legends of Tomorrow is more famously known as the new Arrow-verse DC series on The CW. That’s probably why DC Comics is using the name to get this anthology series out in front of readers. However, the new monthly series has nothing to do with the show. Each 80-page issue — the page count being an homage to the classic 80-page giants — offers four different stories that bring forgotten heroes back into the spotlight. That’s perfectly okay, as the stories themselves are exciting and offer a classic DC experience.

Bam! Smack! Pow! had the opportunity to interview artist Aaron Lopresti on his work for Legends of Tomorrow #1. Along the way, we get some insights into his career and what drives him as an artist.

Bam! Smack! Pow!: Who influenced you the most in your career as an artist?

Aaron Lopresti: That would probably be a tie between Bernie Wrightson and Frank Frazetta. You don’t see much of their influence in my work these days but in my young formative years, they were huge. I do, however, credit Michael Golden with pushing me over the line from amateur to professional. I met him while I was trying to break in at Marvel and he gave me career changing advice and work critiques.

BSP: Of all the comics you’ve worked on, was there one issue or series that really stood out?

AL: Tough question. I was just looking back at some of my work not too long ago and I did work on several series that I am very happy with. My first really professional looking work came on SLUDGE for Mailbu’s Ultraverse line, although it was nowhere near my best work. ​ ​My work on MYSTIC for CrossGen Comics was probably where I took the next significant leap in my work that finally got me some respect in the industry. PLANET HULK was probably the most read work I’ve ever done but I’m probably best known for my run on WONDER WOMAN. My personal favorite (so far) is probably the serialized GARBAGE MAN series I wrote and drew for DC.

BSP: Which characters are your favorite to illustrate and why?

AL: Monsters. I can’t even begin to tell you why. I don’t like “horror” comics but I do like monsters. Giant Kirby monsters, swamp monsters, Universal Studios monsters, dinosaurs, etc. Maybe because they are unconventional and give you a lot of creative freedom.

BSP: What attracted you to work on Legends of Tomorrow #1?

AL: I have always loved the odd ball DC characters the best. Plus the fact that Metamoprho is sort of a man/monster type character made me always have a soft spot for him. I also, always thought he was never fully developed (at least not in a way that was satisfying to me) so I was eager to take a crack at him.

BSP: For Legends of Tomorrow #1, are there any favorite pages and/or panels? If there are, what makes them so special to you?

AL: In the first issue, I like page 2. You’ll have to read it and then it will probably be obvious.

BSP: What were your biggest challenges when working on Legends of Tomorrow #1?

AL: Figuring out how to make the story and origin work for Metamorpho. There are a lot of elements in his original story line that I wanted to keep, I just had to make reasonable sense out of them. Also, this is the first time I have written an established character for more than a single issue story, so I had to find a work my story vision into the confines of an existing character in the DCU.