Wizard World St. Louis 2016: Cosplay Gallery


Hey comic book fans, greetings from St. Louis, MO where we’ve just had Wizard World St. Louis 2016! I spent the weekend at the con covering it for Bam Smack Pow and our fans. I thought the best place to start in my coverage of this year’s Wizard World was with the cosplay photos I took over the course of the weekend. I focused mainly on cosplay of comic book characters of course but I did take a few photos of cosplay from other genres that I just really liked.

I’m pretty sure I talk about this every time I write an article about cosplay, but I absolutely love it. Really, I’m a big fan! I think seeing all the different cosplayers is one of my favorite things about going to cons. But it can be pretty overwhelming when you are attending a con as a journalist instead of just for fun. I feel like I have to make sure to get photos of all the comic book-related cosplay I can find, and sometimes it seems that I’m surrounded by a dizzying array of comic book cosplayers.

I didn’t take nearly as many photos this year however for a couple of reasons. One is that I was trying to look for more unique or rare cosplayers, like I found someone dressed as Squirrel Girl, which is something you don’t see very often. And the other reason is that I am recovering from recent eye surgery. I just wasn’t up to constantly running down every cosplayer I saw because, at the moment, my vision isn’t at its best for lining up the perfect shot. So, I do apologize for the meager offering of cosplay photos this year. I’ll try to make up for it at later conventions.

Well folks, that’s all the cosplay from Wizard World St. Louis this year, but this is just the beginning of my coverage of the convention. Check back with us throughout the week to read my articles on the various panels I attended over the weekend, including Mike Colter, Daredevil, and Elizabeth Henstridge!