Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Recap And Review – “The Team”


This week on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, we see Daisy take charge and lead the Secret Warriors on a mission to save their allies. But after the rescue, things take a dark turn where their trust in each other will crumble.

Not-So-Short Summary: Daisy has a SHIELD team fly her in a quinjet to retrieve Joey and Elena. On the quinjet, Daisy quickly gives everyone a very brief rundown of the mission and an even briefer, rousing speech. The team skydives and parachutes into Hydra’s base.

Hydra agents infiltrate Zephyr One, and Coulson and his agents fight their way to a secure room. May is severely injured, but alive.

The Secret Warriors make their dramatic entrance when Daisy quickly blasts their way in through a wall. The team quickly splits up: Joey and Elena will find the team, and Daisy and Lincoln will go solo.

Joey and Elena make a great team as Joey defends against bullets, and Elena uses her speed to quickly overpower Hydra soldiers.

Daisy finds the control room and starts to hack away. Lincoln fights his way through the hall and eventually finds Malick.

On Zephyr One, Hydra attempts to ram through the room that Coulson and his agents are holed up in. Fitz engineers a makeshift chlorine bomb which drives away the attacking Hydra … for now.

The Secret Warriors now board Zephyr One. Lincoln is attacked by Lucio. However, Joey quickly kills Lucio by stabbing him in the heart with a pipe. In the room, Coulson and friends hear Hydra agents being taken out. They’re finally greeted by Elena who calls out to them.

Hive watches as Zephyr One successfully takes off and escapes. He’s not worried because he has someone on the inside.

At SHIELD headquarters, the Secret Warriors have a brief celebration in their locker room.

In an interrogation room, Coulson tries to use Stephanie as leverage to get Malick to talk. No use, because Malick soon reveals that Hive killed his daughter right in front of him.

At an equipment storage room, Daisy admits to Lincoln that his ruse with the Kree Sphere and Terrigen Crystal was smart. However, she’s a bit disappointed that he didn’t involve her in the plan. Lincoln is concerned about Joey (since this was the first mission where he actually killed someone) and asks Daisy to check on him.

Mack gives Elena a tour of SHIELD and gives her a rundown of their mission and primary directives. He emphasizes that they only kill as a last resort. Elena seems to be warming up to the idea of SHIELD and what it stands for.

Fitz examines Lucio’s body and relays to Simmons how it’s strange that he’s still holding a normal body temperature. Simmons is concerned that it’s a sign of a contagion, which prompts them to have the body quarantined.

Coulson and Malick continue to talk. After some back and forth, Malick reveals that Hive is able to control Inhumans, and that the Secret Warriors have been turned. Coulson leaves the room and is suspicious of the whole team.

Coulson gathers FitzSimmons and Mack, and wants the base to be quietly locked down. FitzSimmons tells Coulson that it’s impossible to test the whole team, and that Malick has no real proof that anyone’s been compromised. Coulson tells them to start their investigation from Lucio’s body. Daisy suddenly interrupts them to tell Coulson that her team is willing to go on another mission. Coulson gives Daisy the news that they’re all in lockdown.

At the infirmary, Daisy consults with May, asking her if being leader gets any easier. Daisy is also concerned about lying to her team. When Lincoln arrives to give May her pain medication, she angrily refuses them.

Coulson speaks to Malick again. This time, he appeals to Malick’s vengeful side and asks him how they can stop Hive. Malick finally agrees.

FitzSimmons run an autopsy on Lucio’s body where they discover an infection in his brain.

May interrupts Coulson and Mack to tell them that FitzSimmons has found something. Suddenly, all the lights go out. The three go to arm up. Mack quickly discovers that one of his grenades is missing.

FitzSimmons discovers that the door to Malick’s room is open. When they enter, they discover Malick’s body with a grenade next to it. The grenade detonates, blowing the two back. They’re hurt and shaken, but alive. Coulson finds them and helps them out of the area. The Secret Warriors meet up with the rest of the team in the halls and offer their help. Coulson and the rest of his agents command them to back off. The Secret Warriors grow suspicious of the rest of SHIELD. In a split-second decision, the Secret Warriors quickly seal themselves off in a room.

Outside, the agents suggest pumping in sleeping gas. In the room, the Secret Warriors are now suspecting each other of being Hive’s brainwashed mole. As they get more and more paranoid, Daisy calms everyone down. Just as the agents are about to get through, the Secret Warriors make their escape via Coulson’s hidden elevator.

Mack and FitzSimmons go through the Secret Warriors’ belongings. Something catches Mack’s eye.

Daisy leads them through a labyrinth of corridors and right into an Inhuman holding cell where Coulson and his agents are waiting. Lincoln is the Hive mole because the Kree Sphere was found in his locker. He had been turned since the events of “Spacetime.” Lincoln tries to escape, but Daisy uses her abilities and blasts him right into the cell, neutralizing him.

Daisy feels guilt over what she did. For the time being, Coulson has disbanded the Secret Warriors and the whole team will be tested to see if they’re infected. They’re also instructed to not go near Hive due to his ability to control them.

FitzSimmons have a moment alone together. When Simmons kisses Fitz, he pulls back. She tells him that they can’t waste time anymore. The two cement their love with a passionate kiss.

Daisy visits Lincoln at his cell. She’s there to break him out so they can go on the run together. Lincoln suspects something is up and asks Daisy what she did.

FLASHBACK: During the rescue mission at the Hydra base, Daisy was ambushed by Hive where she was quickly put under his control. Daisy is revealed to be the true mole, and she framed Lincoln to get away.

Lincoln tries to get through to Daisy, warning her that Hive is only using her. She tells him that she’s now happier than ever.

FLASHBACK: Daisy enters the interrogation room holding Malick. She brutally kills Malick with her abilities and plants one of Mack’s grenades.

Daisy continues to try and convince Lincoln to leave with her. He rejects her and tells her that the Daisy he knows would ever do this. She finally tells him that he’ll one day understand, and leaves.

Daisy retrieves multiple Terrigen Crystals and the Kree Sphere. Arriving at the hangar, Daisy initiates her powers and destroys the base by creating a massive earthquake.

Post-Credits Stinger: Giyera reminds Hive of Malick’s unclaimed estate. However, Hive is more concerned with finding Daisy. When Giyera finally reveals Malick’s estate to be worth $960 million, Hive forms a plan to use his newly found wealth.

Badass Moment of the Week: Joey killing Lucio with a quick stab to the heart. Joey, probably the friendliest Inhuman you have ever met, has really come into his own. His bravery and skills have been growing ever since his introduction at the beginning of the season. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

Best One-Liner: Or more like the best dialogue of the week —

Fitz crudely checks if Lucio is still alive.

Simmons: What on Earth are you doing?

Fitz: Well, you’re the doctor … is he dead or not? His body temperature is ninety-eight degrees.

Simmons checks Lucio’s body with a thermal scanner.

Simmons: Dead-ish … There’s some sort of metabolic activity. Fascinating.

Fitz: No … not fascinating. Quarantine.

Did I ever say how glad I am that FitzSimmons is back to running like a well-oiled machine?

I very much enjoyed “The Team,” as it had me guessing until the very end of who this Hive-controlled mole was. At times, I thought it was all of SHIELD that was controlled by Hive, and the Secret Warriors were the ones who needed to go up against everyone at the base. It’s actually very heartbreaking to find out that Daisy, leader of the team, was the one to be brainwashed (if that’s what you even call it).

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how dark Daisy will go in her new role as Hive’s right-hand woman. In some weird and cruel twist of fate, Daisy is now back together with Ward. Who’s with me that Coulson has done this in front of a mirror:

“Note to Self: The next time you kill Ward, have the Vision disintegrate his body, seal whatever is left inside a Vibranium cannister, and send it, via the Bifrost Bridge, to some faraway system.”