Scott Snyder Has More Batman Stories To Tell


Scott Snyder moved to All-Star Batman because he feels he has lots of Batman stories left in him

Scott Snyder has been working on Batman stories for a long time. Since 2011 in some form or another. After writing for one comic character that long, no matter how rich and diverse their world is, a lot of writers simply need a break and/or are fresh out of ideas and need to move on. A lot of people thought that’s what was happening with both Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, as they both were leaving the main Batman title after issue #51,right before DC’s big event that is totally not a reboot, but changes a lot of things in the DC universe, “Rebirth”.

Well Capullo is at least leaving Batman altogether for the time being, he’s working on a “mystery project” with Mark Millar that will be a six-issue series. Though he’s teased teaming up with Snyder again in the near future. Scott Snyder on the other hand, now having the longest continuous run on a Batman title of anybody, will still be telling Batman stories for the forseeable future. Snyder will be writing the new All-Star Batman title, working with artist John Romita Jr. at first (it will be a rotating artist) for a whole new take on classic Batman villain Two-Face, just like Snyder and Capullo had a whole new take on The Joker (to great effect). Scott Snyder explained that he still has a lot more Batman stories to tell, as he talked about that and more in this video interview below:

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Scott Snyder has indeed had a long run on Batman, but he also easily had one of the best runs of all time. I’m sure that will continue with All-Star Batman. Batman #51 is available now, and All-Star Batman will be coming out soon after DC’s “Rebirth event.

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