Suicide Squad Trailer Remade In Fallout 4


Suicide Squad and Fallout 4 go together surprisingly well

Video games are awesome. Mods are awesome. Suicide Squad looks pretty awesome so far. So when you combine all that into the mod capabilities of Fallout 4, do we get something awesome as well?

Surprisingly, it is not a guarantee. I’ve seen lots of trailers for movies and TV shows recreated in games like Grand Theft Auto or previous Fallout games for that matter, and while it’s a pretty nifty idea, a lot of them come out pretty terrible because even with mods, you just can’t recreate the same awesome scenes you see in the trailer. So you get the voices, the music, sometimes even the same editing style, but the scenes and the characters just look all wrong. So there really is no guarantee that recreating the latest Suicide Squad trailer inside Fallout 4 with mods would be something you could pull off really well.

Luckily, Youtube user Upisnotjump was able to do such a thing to great effect. In the video below, he mostly faithfully recreates the Suicide Squad “Blitz” trailer within the world of Fallout 4. The characters mostly look like themselves (especially Harley Quinn), the scenes mostly fit the trailer, and it definitely recreates a similar style and feel. Check it out below:

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Again, this Suicide Squad trailer in Fallout 4 is really far superior to most trailer recreated in video game engines I have seen. Would it work for other films like say Batman v Superman or Wonder Woman (whenever we get a trailer for that)? It’s pretty hard to say, as again it’s a matter of having the right tools and assets. But maybe someone will try and we’ll see another pretty cool trailer like this. Fallout 4 is out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC now (though mods are only currently available on PC) and Sucide Squad hits theaters August 5th.