Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Foam Weapons Are Missed Opportunity


These Harley Quinn foam weapons are pretty cool, too bad you won’t be able to bring them to theaters in time for Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular characters in comics, and while she is certainly willing and able to use anything from a crowbar to a bazooka as a weapon at a moment’s notice, there are two weapons she seems to prefer most of the time-either a mallet or a baseball bat.

True to character, it seems like Harley Quinn will be sporting these items for at least some of her time on screen in Suicide Squad. It would be pretty cool if you could bring some play safe replicas to the movie premiere!

It just so happens that geek merch website Entertainment Earth has pretty good foam replicas available for you to pre-order. $29.99 for the bat and $39.99 for the mallet. Not too bad a price really. You can take a look at the items below, they again are pretty good representations of the same weapons Harley Quinn has been seen brandishing in the various Suicide Squad trailers:

Great, so just pre-order these, get the rest of your Harley Quinn costume together and you are all set for the premiere of Suicide Squad right? Wrong. Sadly, these items won’t ship until sometime in October, well after Suicide Squad has been opened in theaters.

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So yeah, you’ll have to turn somewhere else to fully complete your authentic Harley Quinn look by the time Suicide Squad opens in theaters. I mean, I guess you could wait until you receive these items and then get dressed up to go. But if you are the kind of person who would order these items in the first place, I doubt you could wait that long. Plus, dressing up for premiere night of a movie is cool. Dressing up for a random showing 2 months later? Not so much. Oh well, maybe if you really dig the movie you can incorporate these into a viewing party when Suicide Squad hits home video. For now, Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5th.

h/t Robot 6