Gotham: Nygma Has Been Wildly Underestimated


On Gotham, Edward Nygma sees Arkham as just another puzzle, and you know how he likes puzzles…

While Edward Nygma may have pulled off his first real Riddler-like crime on Gotham, his success was short-lived, as James Gordon proved Nygma framed him and Nygma was caught and sent off to Arkham. Would that be the end of Edward Nygma for a long time? Hardly, as Gotham EP John Stephens reveals that the staff at Arkham wildly underestimate the brilliant mind of Edward Nygma, who sees Arkham Asylum as one giant puzzle:

"The people who have put Nygma [behind bars] wildly underestimated the person who they think that they have locked up. When you put someone who’s a master at puzzles inside a giant puzzle, he’s going to find a way to get out of it, and what Ed discovers in Arkham will affect the rest of the course of the season."

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Well it is good to know that Ed won’t be locked up in Arkham for too long, but to be honest, Hugo Strange has been releasing lunatics such as Penguin and Barbara Keane left and right anyways, I’m surprised he even has to try (although maybe releasing somebody who just killed a police officer and framed Gordon and then tried to kill him is a bit too much of  stretch). But it seems like Nygma and Strange are nearly fated for an evil supervillain team up soon. Nygma hates Gordon, Gordon is starting to investigate Strange and Strange needs him dealt with, maybe whatever Nygma discovers will lead to him partnering with Strange. The only way to find out of course, is to watch Gotham as it races towards it’s final episodes of the season Monday nights on Fox!

h/t TV Line