Justice League (And Other DC Films) In Crisis?


The Flash losing its director may have just been the first domino to fall for DC as other movies including the highly anticipated Justice League abound with rumors of various creative troubles

Yesterday, news broke of director Seth Grahame-Smith leaving the production of The Flash movie due to “creative differences”, while bad news for the film, things happen. It happened with Ant-Man and that turned out great. Every other DC movie in Warner Bros. huge slate is going along swimmingly, correct? Well not according to Deven Faraci of Birth-Death-Movies, one of Hollywood’s biggest rumor sources. He supposedly spoke to sources at WB and is claiming that both Aquaman & the highly anticipated Justice League: Part One are having some huge problems.

Now, of course these are unverifiable rumors, so take them as such, but Devin Faraci is right more often than he’s wrong about this stuff, so it’s completely possible these are right on. In the case of Aquaman, its director, James Wan, is supposedly on the verge of leaving the project altogether. The reason being that not only does he have a lot on his plate already, but that he also just doesn’t want to deal with the headaches of making such a risky big-budget film.

Of course, those two films may be able to slip in another director and carry on as if nothing happened. Seemingly arguably in more possible trouble is Justice League: Part One, and part of that seems to be because Warner Bros. is committed to just getting it out next year, come hell or high water. Justice League: Part One started filming mere days after Batman v Superman came out, And no matter what you personally thought of that film, Warner Bros. thought they had something that would review well, please audiences and easily top a billion dollars at the box office. It didn’t manage to accomplish any of those, which apparently shocked not only WB but DC head Geoff Johns as well. But they didn’t want to delay Justice League, so Snyder stays on board, but reportedly he is under tremendous pressure and constantly butting heads with the studio over the film. Who know what kind of film Justice League will even be when it’s finished if this is the case?

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So then what of Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, the next two films on the DC slate? Well Wonder Woman isn’t even mentioned so hopefully that’s going just fine. But as for Suicide Squad, it was apparently just supposed to be this odd little side project, not necessarily a huge blockbuster, and now Warner Bros. seems to be desperately hoping it will be just that. Again, take these as rumors, but it will be very interesting to see where DC movies stand at this time next year, especially Justice League: Part One, which again Warner Bros. seems determined to get out next year regardless of what the film looks like. Because that went just so well for the latest Fantastic Four film…