A Dredd Television Series Could Be Happening


Despite failing at the box office, Karl Urban refuses to give up hope of resurrecting Dredd in some form, and it might be happening.

Karl Urban may be obsessed.

For years now the actor has been campaigning for a sequel to Dredd, the 2012 adaption of the legendary comic book series Judge Dredd. However, the film only earned $41.5 million at the box office, well below what it cost to produce so talk of a sequel has always been just that: talk.

Despite that, Urban has never waned in his desire to don the helmet again and play Dredd once more. There have been petitions, campaigns to increase sales of the DVD and Blu-ray and more, all backed by Urban. The latest effort was when he threw his weight behind a campaign to bring Dredd back via a Netflix or Amazon streaming show a la Daredevil.

Of course, there has been talk of a sequel happening before only for it to fall apart and once again squash the hopes of fans everywhere. At this point the closest they have gotten is an unofficial animated sequel titled Judge Dredd: Superfiend that was released on YouTube a couple years ago.

But now, after years of getting nowhere, something may finally be happening.

Saturday Urban appeared at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and apparently said that “conversations are happening” concerning a Dredd television series being launched on one of the streaming services.

While a movie sequel is pretty much out of the question at this point, a streaming television show could work, especially if Urban is aboard. Given how much smaller the budgets are for streaming shows, it could still have the grit and flavor of the film but not cost nearly as much. If anything, it could actually work better than a film, since the writers would have a full 13 episodes to develop a story and really flesh out Mega-City One.

And let’s be honest, if Marvel can make a show about Jessica Jones, a character almost no one outside of comic book fandom has heard of a hit, then making a Dredd series profitable should be no problem.

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Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these “conversations” actually turn into something and we finally get more Karl Urban as Dredd.

Because then we can turn out attention to getting a proper sequel to the Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd film from 1995! (I kid. Maybe.)