Gotham: Hugo Strange Is Creating Supervillains


Hugo Strange Is Creating Supervillains On Gotham

Azrael has risen! And he’s actually just one of the first in the rise of actual supervillains coming to Gotham!

To be fair, Azrael isn’t the very first supervillain to show up on Gotham. That was definitely Mr. Freeze, and you might even argue Jerome fits that category. But now is when supervillains will be flooding the streets of Gotham, and it’s all thanks to the work of one Dr. Hugo Strange!

But how does Theo Galavan become Azrael instead of just say, Theo Galavan resurrected and angry? Well that is Hugo Strange’s doing as well. When Galavan awakens from being dead, Galavan doesn’t have any idea who he is, and that’s when Strange decides to make him an avenging angel of sorts, convincing him he’s part of a noble cause, as explained in this “Rebirth” video below. And who are the enemies of this noble cause? Why people like Jim Gordon and Captain Barnes of course:

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So those not as familiar with Azrael’s history might not think of him as a Batman villain, but “Azrael” is merely a mantle worn by many people. Sometimes a villain, sometimes more of a good guy. Azrael is historically in the employ of the Order of St. Dumas. While The Order of St. Dumas has shown up in Gotham, they appear to have nothing to do with Theo Galavan’s resurrection nor his change into Azrael. There of course might be a connection we have not yet been made aware of. Maybe Galavan remembers about The Order, but not his own identity? And what other supervillains is Strange cooking up? Will Fish Mooney have super powers when she returns? The only way to find out is to watch an all-new episode of Gotham tonight on Fox!