How Batman v Superman Should Have Ended


How Batman v Superman should’ve really ended

Batman v Superman has pretty much ended its run in theaters, and the DC movie universe (aka the DCEU) keeps chugging along. It certainly wasn’t a flop, but you might argue it didn’t live up to expectations, and a lot of the stuff in Batman v Superman just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to many who went to see it.

Now the folks from “How It Should Have Ended” have taken their crack at Batman v Superman, and because the movie has so many logistical issues, it’s one of their longest videos to date. If you haven’t seen Batman v Superman yet, this contains lots of spoilers, but it also gives you the gist of the movie so you don’t have to spend two and a half hours watching it:

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I am one of the few who came down in the middle of the road on Batman v Superman, but this really highlights the serious problems with the movie’s plot. Even beyond the arguably bad characterization of Batman killing, willing to kill Superman without even giving him a chance and Superman never smiling and being all down about saving people. Why a spear when he could’ve just riddled Superman with Kryptonite bullets? Why didn’t Superman stop the bomber or save his mother? But really, the biggest problem of all is WHY IN THE BLUE HELL DID NO ONE ELSE USE THE SPEAR TO KILL DOOMSDAY?!? Superman was literally the only one that Kryptonite affected. Either Batman or Wonder Woman could’ve easily done that, it’s the most pointless thing in a movie filled with confusing and pointless moments. I’m starting to wonder if Justice League will basically pretend Batman v Superman basically didn’t happen, we’ll probably be better off if it does.