Prepare For Civil War: 25 Greatest Iron Man Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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#15 – Testing the Mark II Armor

From: Iron Man (2008)

Tony Stark is a very impatient man. And when he has his mind set on doing something, you can bet he’s going to carry it out … no matter what. After his escape from the Ten Rings via the Mark I armor he built with Yinsen, Tony was determined more than ever to not waste his second chance at life.

Tony retreats to his home research lab and starts working on the next iteration of his latest invention.  Armed with the latest technology and weeks of painstaking (emphasis on the “pain” part) research, Tony completes the Mark II armor — a silver armored suit much more sleeker and compact than the Mark I. With the cocky attitude of “sometimes you need to run before you can walk,” Tony takes flight in his new armor. Screaming in exhilaration and excitement, Tony ascends high up into the atmosphere.

It’s a great ride until his suit starts to ice over. With his systems malfunctioning and eventually shutting down, Tony saves himself by breaking the ice around his armor. At the last second before hitting a busy street, Tony fires up his repulsors and barely skims the ground. He arrives home only to perform a not-so-soft landing, making him crash through the roof and right onto a classic car. Hey, at least his robot assistant took the precautionary step of blasting a fire extinguisher at him.

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