Prepare For Civil War: 25 Greatest Iron Man Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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#12 – Howard Gives a Message to Tony

From: Iron Man 2 (2010)

Pepper Potts once put the joke phrase “Proof That Tony Stark Has a Heart” on Tony’s used obsolete arc reactor. Though it was definitely meant as humor, that description isn’t that far off from Tony’s actual personality. Not known to be sentimental, Tony is usually described as arrogant and a bit selfish.

However, one scene with Tony really pulls on the heartstrings and proves that he’s just a little boy looking for his father’s approval. Tasked with finding a new element to cure himself of his palladium poisoning, Tony goes through his father’s old files looking for any useful research. When he plays old video footage, he’s reminded of how dismissive his father was to him when he was a child.

That is, until he stumbles onto a secret message attached to the tail-end of one of the reels. In it, Howard reveals that everything he has done has been for Tony, and that he knows Tony will not only live up to his expectations, but surpass him. Tony’s gaze completely changes, finally understanding that his father thought of him as his “greatest creation.”

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