Prepare For Civil War: 25 Greatest Iron Man Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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#10 – Rescuing the Villagers from the Ten Rings

From: Iron Man (2008)

Newly painted Mark III armor? Check. Badass ready-to-fight attitude? Check. What else is left? Some bad guys that deserve a lesson to be taught. When Tony watches the news and sees the Ten Rings killing innocent people in Gulmira, he suits up with his newest Mark III armor. There’s no better way to give it a real-world test.

In Gulmira, a father is torn away from his family, instantly prepped to be executed. His son cries and pleads to the Ten Rings to spare his father’s life. The violent terrorists pull the child away and proceed to brutally beat the father. As the father about to be shot, Iron Man launches down from the sky and lands in his signature heroic one-knee pose.

Taking out the offenders with repulsor beams and tiny smart missiles, Iron Man saves the village. However, one cowardly Ten Rings member tries to escape and hide. It’s not long before Iron Man finds him and tears him out from behind a wall. Throwing him to the villagers, Iron Man tells the once bullied victims, “He’s all yours.”

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