Prepare For Civil War: 25 Greatest Iron Man Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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#3 – Mid-Air Joining with the Mark VII Armor

From: The Avengers (2012)

Tony, in a barely functioning Iron Man armor, retreats to Stark Tower where Loki awaits him. JARVIS quickly makes note that the Mark VII isn’t ready for deployment. However, the impatient Tony is always up for trying out new things. After having his current armor disassembled from his body via robotic arms, Tony enters his home and pours himself a drink while also offering one to Loki.

Tony warns Loki that he needs to fear the Avengers, which are composed of the best of the best. As Tony continues his speech, he stealthily puts on a pair of silver bracelets. Tony continues to explain to Loki that there is no endgame to what he’s playing.

The egomanical Loki then approaches Tony and attempts to control him by touching his scepter to Tony’s chest. Unknown to Loki, Tony is protected by his arc reactor. A frustrated, unamused Loki throws Tony across the room. Tony calls out to JARVIS, preparing his trusty AI to execute his plan.

As Loki lifts Tony up by his neck, Tony commands JARVIS to “deploy.” Loki violently throws Tony through the window where he freefalls towards the ground. Suddenly, a red-and-gold casket-like object shoots out and accelerates towards Tony. As it’s sensors lock onto Tony’s silver bracelets, the Mark VII armor wraps and assembles itself to him.

Iron Man fires his repulsors seconds from hitting the ground. Boosting back up to Loki, Iron Man hits him with a powerful repulsor blast and dedicates it to Phil Coulson.

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