Gotham Review: Five Standout Moments From Azrael


Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Gotham episode Azrael

Welcome back Batman fans to another slideshow review of Gotham! This week is another action packed drama filled episode with a lot of important things happening but I’ve picked for you the five moments that I felt stood out the most.

Next: #1:....Gordon Confronts Hugo Strange

Standout Moment No. 1: Gordon Confronts Hugo Strange

Last episode Gordon and company found out that the person in charge of Pinewood Farm and responsible for putting the hit on the Waynes was Hugo Strange. In the opening scenes of this episode Gordon goes to Arkham to confront Dr. Strange about Karen Jennings’ death and his involvement in Pinewood Farm. Strange tries to blame the atrocities of Pinewood on Thomas Wayne, but he gives himself away to Gordon when he claims that Victor Fries was cremated. This moment stands out as important as it sets up the plot for the whole episode because after Gordon leaves Strange decides that Gordon must be dealt with and he sends Azrael to kill him. It also means that Gordon and Bruce are now sure that Strange is responsible for the murders of Thomas and Martha which is the driving force behind both characters for the duration of the show. I do think that it is likely that either someone else was in on the Wayne murders with Strange or he is going to keep slipping from their grasp because if Gordon and Bruce were to get justice for Bruce’s parents anytime soon Bruce would never become Batman and the show would mostly become pointless.

Next: #2:....Barnes and Gordon Argue Over Running The G.C.P.D.

Standout Moment No. 2: Barnes and Gordon Argue Over Running The G.C.P.D.

Gordon, Bruce and Bullock go to Captain Barnes for a warrant on Strange and unsurprisingly Gordon and Barnes end up in an argument. Gordon calls Barnes angry and stubborn and says that he has gotten many good officers killed because of it, which of course he is, and Barnes heatedly asks Gordon if he wants to run the G.C.P.D. if he disagrees so much with the way it’s run and Gordon replies back “maybe someday I will!” This I feel is a hilarious nod to the future for the fans and I thought it was pulled off rather well. Other than character development and individual relationships that are blossoming really well I think my favorite thing about Gotham is how the creative team adds in these various little hints about the future of Gotham and its inhabitants. Of course there may be some Batman fans out there who dislike that these hints are not in the least bit subtle but I find that it is necessary it you want fans of the show who don’t know much about Batman to understand all the little references. This moment also stood out to me because I knew pretty much from the start that Barnes was going to cost the G.C.P.D. a lot of lives and it’s really gratifying to have that acknowledged by Gordon.

Next: #3:....Azrael Stabs Captain Barnes

Standout Moment No. 3: Azrael Stabs Captain Barnes Hugo Strange sends Theo Galavan aka Azrael to kill James Gordon, after Gordon confronts him in the opening of the episode. After one failed attempt on Gordon’s life Azrael comes to the G.C.P.D. while most of the police force is out on the streets looking for him and tries again to kill Gordon. Barnes had James in a cell for his own protection and it is up to him and less than half a dozen officers to protect Gordon. Azrael makes quick work of the other officers and Barnes has to lure Azrael to the roof while Gordon goes for a machine gun to pierce Azrael’s armor. During their altercation on the roof Azrael manages to skewer Barnes on his sword, most likely fatally. I think we all knew that Barnes was going to end up dead at some point, after all Gordon has to eventually end up in charge of the G.C.P.D. and since there is no way Barnes would turn corrupt like Lobe the only other way to get him out of the way is to kill him. Sarah Essen ended up dead for the same reason. While I’m sure that it is sad for Gordon and the G.C.P.D. that Barnes is most likely going to die from these injuries, it is probably for the best, since Barnes was extremely reckless with the lives of his officers and got so very many of them killed.

Next: #4:....Azrael Is Revealed As Theo Galavan

Standout Moment No. 4: Azrael Is Revealed As Theo Galavan

After Azrael stabbed Barnes on the roof of the G.C.P.D. building Gordon shoots at him with the machine gun knocking off Azrael’s helmet and also sending him off the roof in front of many onlookers and television news crews. Everyone in Gotham, including Bruce Wayne, Oswald Cobblepot, and Tabitha Galavan saw Theo Galavan on the news. This is obviously a huge moment for the show, just as big as Galavan’s resurrection in the first place last episode. Not only is this big news because Hugo Strange has managed to bring someone back from the dead but it’s going to effect most of the characters on the show as well. All that torture and suffering Gordon went through because he killed Galavan has been for naught. Penguin is already pretty unhinged but this will just make things far worse. It wouldn’t surprise me if Alfred whisked Bruce away to Switzerland again to keep him safe from the man who tried to ritually kill him, and who knows what kind of impact Galavan’s rebirth will have on Tabitha, Barbara and Butch.

Next: #5:....Riddler Discovers Indian Hill

Standout Moment No. 5: Riddler Discovers Indian Hill

Edward Nygma is fairly thriving in Arkham Asylum, being that he is so good at reading and then manipulating people. He pays close attention to the comings and goings of the staff and becomes suspicious of Mrs. Peabody and company always disappearing down a particular hallway. He manages to follow Peabody on one occasion only to find she and a pair of orderlies have vanished with a fellow patient in a dead end room at the end of the hall. Ed manages to cobble together forensic tools to find the hidden door he suspects to be in that room and at the end of the episode he finds the door which opens onto a secret elevator. He takes the elevator down and finds himself in Indian Hill. I think this moment stood out for me because it hints at what the future may hold for Nygma in the last few episodes of the season. I can see one of two things happening now that Edward has found his way into Indian Hill. Either he will use the knowledge to his advantage to gain his freedom from Arkham or he will end up teaming with Strange, after all he is a very clever man and knows just how to deal with the regular Arkham inmates, it seems likely that he will be useful when dealing with the Indian Hill patients as well.

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