Grimm Tales of Terror #8 Review: The Monkey’s Paw


Two friends struggling under student loans risk everything for a chance to make their wishes come true in Grimm Tales of Terror #8 from Zenescope. 

Grimm Tales of Terror #8
Written by Anne Toole
Artwork by Sean Hill
Published by Zenescope

“The Monkey’s Paw” in Grimm Tales of Terror #8 from Zenescope delivers exactly what they advertise, a trip back to the age of comics before the appearance of the superhero when terror and tales of supernatural horror reigned supreme, all while maintaining a modern setting.

The artwork of Sean Hill plays a major part in the telling of this story. As shown in the first panel, Sean has the ability to tell a story with every image: our story begins at a party full of movers and shakers. Some are moneyed individuals enjoying a gathering of their equals. Some, like our main characters, are people with much less in their pockets looking to hook onto the sort of person who can fix their issues and make their wishes come true. Still others are there to enjoy the party, and are throwing down, ready to suffer the effects the next day.

As the book carries on, Hill manages to show us both what is happening as well as the story of what is going on inside the minds of characters who do not necessarily share their thoughts. He manages to create a world that is realistic and lyrical at the same time. His art is a diverse mix with a sense of rhythm and whimsy leading us through the story in a manner that seems both effortless yet complimentary.

The writer Anne Toole delivers the familiar tale of” The Monkey’s Paw” from an angle that most ignore, the journey itself. Most tellings of this story serve as warnings about what might happen to a person who actually gets what they want. Here, Toole gives us a pair of protagonists who are down on their luck and weaves the tale of their attempt to chase down the Monkey’s Paw. With this, we have a story that seems familiar without ever feeling stale. It isn’t a brand new story full of surprising twists and turns, but it also manages not to ever be boring or painfully predictable.

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The Bottom Line: Grimm Tales of Terror #8 “The Monkey’s Paw” is an enjoyable read that harkens back to the days where comic books held horror stories designed to delight. It is a quick and entertaining read who is happy to share a new twist on an old tale.

Grade: Check this comic out if you’re looking for something new, but don’t drop one of your favorites to pick it up.