History Of The Batman Art Show At The Hive


History of The Batman Art Show will be At the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles through most of May

Batman obviously has lots of fans throughout the whole world. And many fans have been able to take their love of Batman and do something really special with it. Londyn Jackson is one such person. She started an Instagram in 2013, History of The Batman, which started as a chronological discussion of the Caped Crusader through his many decades of existence in comics, TV and film.

But it became much more than that, the History Of The Batman Instagram became a celebration of all the talent involved in making Batman. The writers, artists, creators, etc. and  exploring the Dark Knight’s massive and continuing popularity over the decades. The Instagram grew, amassing close to 250,000 followers currently and spawned its own podcast through Meltdown Comics, which is a very well known comic shop in Los Angeles, California. And now History of The Batman is getting its very own art show!

The History Of The Batman Art Show is running from now until May 28th at The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. It is set to be the first in a gallery of  shows, and will feature original art from the likes of Batman artists such as Neal Adams and Kelley Jones, original Batman comic book panels and homage pieces from a dozen artists from all over the globe. In true History of The Batman fashion, the show will be curated in chronological order, to give the audience a visual history of Batman’s creative evolution over his 77 years of existence.

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Once again the History of The Batman Art Show is running at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles from now through May 28th. If you’ll be in the area it will most definitely be worth checking out. You can check out the History of The Batman’s Instagram of course, but it also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. A great way to keep up with the great work London is doing and of course to see if the History Of The Batman Art Show will be exhibiting at a gallery near you anytime soon.

h/t Entertainment Earth