Gotham: Tabitha Explains Azrael


It’s not really Theo Galavan the GCPD is after as Tabitha Galavan explains in these Gotham clips from Unleashed!

Azrael is loose and being very murdery on the streets of Gotham! But Azrael is really Theo Galavan, so Gordon and Bullock think they have an in through Theo’s sister Tabitha, who is still holed up with Butch. Though Tabitha seems deeply afraid of her dear brother and ready to split town. And she gives good reason: He’s not Theo Galavan anymore.

In these clips from tonight’s episode of Gotham, “Unleashed”, Tabitha explains to Gordon & Bullock that Theo Galavan now thinks himself Azrael, a legendary immortal and supposedly unkillable assassin that served the Order of St. Dumas centuries ago, but disappeared without a trace. And there’s a follow-up clip, where Tabitha, Bullock & Gordon are looking for the legendary sword that belonged to Azrael. They find it, but Azrael also finds them and declares Jim Gordon must die!

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Much as Gotham has surprised us with some big shocking deaths this season, I think we can be reasonably sure it is not time for Gordon to die just yet. That being said, is the sword of Azrael an introduction to a more supernatural side of Gotham? Because otherwise it’s just a damn sword. Unless it holds some massive psychological sway over Azrael (which is totally possible), there’s not much of a reason to go after it. It’s not like Azrael was running from anybody, he most likely would have come right after Gordon as soon as he found the sword. Though as much as it would make the craziness of Gotham even crazier, I doubt they are delving into anything supernatural just yet, but the crazy science fiction is certainly being amped up. See it only get crazier on Gotham when “Unleashed” airs tonight on Fox!