Funko Impopsters Are Coming Your Way!


Funko Impopsters imagine villains as Batman (and Batgirl)!

What if your favorite villains dressed as your favorite superheroes? That is what Funko imagines with their latest line of adorable toys, Funko Impopsters! And who better to start a line of Funko Impopsters than Batman’s rogues gallery? Here’s a press release from Funko on their new Impopsters line:

"Oh no! Classic Batman villains are dressing up like Batmanand pretending to be the famed Caped Crusader!Harley Quinn, The Penguin, The Riddler, Scarecrow, and Two-Faceare nothing but fakes, phonies, and Batman Impopsters!Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are even pretending to be Batgirl!What is happening in Gotham?!"

You can check out the very cool designs based on Batman’s most famous villains in the gallery of images below:

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I actually think this might be Funko’s most creative line to date. It takes a really unique concept and fully commits to it. All the various designs are unmistakable. Like you can easily tell which one is Penguin or Joker Or Two-Face. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always found Funko pop figures amusing, but this is the first line that really strikes me as unique and cool. I definitely want to see them expand on this line. Imagine a Killer Croc design or Mad Hatter design. And obviously the Funko Impopster line should expand to other superheroes and their villains as well.

This first wave of figures is set to release throughout the next several months, though no pricing details are currently available. Although given that these aren’t drastically different in detail or quality from other Funko Pop figures, these new figures should be similarly priced. What superheroes would you like to see get their own “Impopsters” line? Let us know in the comments below!