Gotham: A Legion Of Horribles Preview


Fish Mooney returns on the next episode of Gotham!

We are almost there folks! Only two episodes left of Gotham season two, and there looks to be an extra amount of crazy going into these last episodes, even for a show like Gotham!

The second to last episode of season two of Gotham is titled “A Legion Of Horribles”, and no doubt refers to Dr. Strange’s army of scientifically enhanced supervillains. Sure, Azrael was blown up with a bazooka last episode (that was awesome), but there’s a lot more where he came from. Specifically Fish Mooney! See the preview for “A Legion Of Horribles” below!

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Fish Mooney seeming to know exactly who she is after being resurrected when Theo Galavan’s brain was basically broken from coming back from the dead is an interesting twist. Will she also have enhanced capabilities like Galavan?

More interesting to me is that Selina Kyle was not in fact turned into a crispy critter by Firefly, who looked very ready to burn her former best friend to death at the end of the previous episode of Gotham. She’s merely captured, so it makes one wonder if Strange wants to keep her around for more crazy experimentation. Will Selina Kyle be irrevocably changed from her time in Indian Hill?

It also seems that while Nygma was looking to escape Arkham Asylum last episode, that now he has actually teamed up with Dr. Strange. It also seems like Bruce Wayne is going to be on his own, a may have to pull yet another “Batman” moment to foil the bad guys and rescue Selina. Where will it all lead going into Gotham’s season finale? Tune into “A Legion Of Horribles” this Monday on Fox to find out!