The Flash: Extended Trailer And “The Runaway Dinosaur” Clip


The Flash has premiered an extended trailer for what’s to come in the remaining episodes, and a special clip from tonight’s Kevin Smith-directed episode “The Runaway Dinosaur.”

The Flash is quickly speeding towards its season finale, and audiences are gearing up for a big payoff. Will Barry finally defeat Zoom? Will we see Wally West and Jesse Quick become Speedsters themselves? Who is the man in the Iron Mask?

To gear us up for the next three episodes, The Flash has released an exclusive extended trailer showing us what’s to come, and also a clip from “The Runaway Dinosaur”–the episode directed by DC fanboy extraordinaire Kevin Smith.

I guess, from the trailer, we’re finally going to meet the embodiment of the Speed Force–represented through the familiar visages of Joe West and Iris West. This has to be the key in beating Zoom. The second particle accelerator explosion that was purposely created by Harry–and the unforeseen “accident”– may have been the catalyst for the next stage in Barry’s evolution as a hero. And it seems that fellow metahuman Cisco, a.k.a. Vibe, will have a hand in bringing Barry back to our dimension.

The Flash episode “The Runaway Dinosaur” airs on The CW tonight, Tuesday, May 10 at 8:00PM EST.

And might we suggest checking out a new edition of The Flash After Show from Hosts Adam Kruger, Devon Stewart, Carolina Bonetti and Jack Hind will be ready to dive into this episode at 9:15PM EST on Tuesday night, incorporating user questions tweeted to them with the hashtag #TheFlashAS. Don’t miss it!