The Invincible Iron Man #9 Review: The Road To Civil War II


The Invincible Iron Man #9: The Road to Civil War II is an unstable step forward in an otherwise stellar series.

The Invincible Iron Man #9
Writer – Brian Michael Bendis
Artist – Mike Deodato
Editor – Tom Brevoort
Publisher – Marvel Comics

The Invincible Iron Man #9 (The Road to Civil War II) is a comic book with so much ground to cover, that none of it is allowed enough screen time to create a mood, atmosphere, or even provide us with a self-contained story. It is the perfect example of an issue necessitated by what came before in order to make what comes after necessary. I avoid spoilers whenever necessary, but if you’ve read the last issue and seen the cover to this issue, there are almost no spoilers to give.

After the explosion at the end of Invincible Iron Man #8, we are left in a world where the whereabouts of Tony Stark are a mystery. This issue shows us glimpses of this world, detailing what happens in the Marvel Universe when a man who is as famous as, and involved in as much as Tony Stark suddenly disappears. This tour starts in the halls of Stark’s company (and stock value) and brings us to Simmons Hall in M.I.T. where the subplot of the young student working on old Stark designs seems to finally be reaching the point where it takes off.

The only thing resembling the forward momentum and traditionally smart writing you’ll find in this book is in Osaka as we follow Rhodes in his pursuit to find Stark. Those looking to see what Doctor Doom has been doing in this book will see that portion of the plot finally find some progression right before the ending gives us sort of an answer to the mystery about Tony Stark.

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The Bottom Line: Invincible Iron Man #9 gives us all the background details that makes the best books compelling without anything in the foreground to latch our teeth into. It is the comic book equivalent of the middle brother.

Grade: Unless you’re a completionist, skim this book at the shop and wait till issue #10 comes out, which will hopefully be a return to form for this series that is normally an entertaining and exciting read.