Gotham Review: Five Standout Moments From Unleashed


Warning: Spoilers ahead for Gotham episode Unleashed

Hey folks it’s time once again for another Gotham episode review. Now there are just two episodes left in the season, which means that an awful lot happened this week and there’s even more to come in the next two weeks. With so much going on in every episode it has been getting difficult to just pick five moments that stood out the most but I have done my best for you and here they are: five standout moments from Unleashed!

Next: #1:....Bullock Gets A Search Warrent For Strange's Office

Standout Moment No. 1:

Bullock Gets A Search Warrant For Strange’s Office

In the opening moments of Unleashed, Bullock and Gordon arrive at Arkham with back up and a warrant to search Hugo Strange’s office on the grounds that both Theo Galavan and Victor Fries were taken to Arkham and supposedly cremated only to turn up very much alive in the last two episodes. Unfortunately for our dynamic duo by the time they serve the warrant Strange has shredded every file and document kept within his office and their warrant is only good for the searching of Strange’s office and no where else in Arkham. The shredded documents were likely a cover up anyway and had they taken them as evidence and tried to put them back together it would only have been a waste of time as I’m sure that Hugo Strange kept nothing on Indian Hill within his Arkham office. The cops leave empty handed and angry with a plan to get another warrant that will allow them to search all of Arkham, and as they leave Strange threatens to call the judge and talk him out of a second warrant as it would “disrupt the patients unnecessarily”.

This moment is important because it triggers Strange and Peabody to start moving out of Indian Hill, taking all their patients to a new location and beginning the process of destroying all traces of Indian Hill so that when the police do search Arkham from top to bottom there will be nothing untoward to find. It is also important as it is the first official confrontation between Strange and the police as in the last episode Gordon came on his own to confront Strange and he no longer has the authority of the G.C.P.D. behind him.

Next: #2:....Azrael Stabs Tabitha Galavan

Standout Moment No. 2:

Azrael Stabs Tabitha Galavan

Gordon and Bullock go to Tabitha Galavan for help because no one knows Theo Galavan better in Gotham than his sister. When she takes them to the family crypt to retrieve Azrael’s sword from her grandfather’s coffin they are confronted by Azrael. Tabitha tries to reach Theo by reminding him of who he really is. It works to an extent, he does remember some of his past, unfortunately for Tabitha the thing he focuses on is his mission to kill Bruce Wayne, and he clearly remembers that she betrayed him just before he died as he runs her through with his sword and calls her a traitor. Now instead of killing James Gordon Azrael/Galavan is after Bruce Wayne and Tabitha must be rushed to the hospital in similar condition to Captain Barnes.

This moment stood out to me because the two siblings had been very close when they first appeared in Gotham, possibly incestuously close, and now here is Galavan skewering his Tabitha with a sword. Admittedly when Gordon and Bullock approached her for help she had been planning to run far from Gotham for fear of his retribution after she abandoned him to the police and ultimately to Gordon and Penguin’s revenge. I think Theo and Tabitha’s relationship was headed this way from the very start, after all the two are insane killers and have agendas just different enough that they were bound to come to odds with each other. Tabitha likes violence and crime for the fun of it and is most concerned with saving her own skin but Theo is obsessed with the cult of Dumas and avenging his family’s honor by killing the last surviving Wayne. Tabitha may have had fun helping her brother with most of his crimes but eventually her self preservation instincts and the fact that she does not share in her brother’s obsession was going to cause them problems.

Next: #3:....Selina And Nygma Run Into Each Other In Arkham

Standout Moment No. 3: Selina And Nygma Run Into Each Other In Arkham

Bruce goes to Selina for help when he wants to sneak into Arkham to try and find proof of Strange’s involvement in the Wayne murders and the resurrection of Galavan and Fries. When he tells her that her friend Bridget’s body was also sent to Arkham she agrees to break in, without Bruce’s help because if he were caught in Arkham it would likely lead to his death. Selina gets through the gates as a stowaway in a delivery truck and then makes her way to the roof and into the ventilation system. Around this same time Edward Nygma is attempting to escape Arkham through the same ventilation system and the two run into each other. Nygma tells Selina how to get into Indian Hill and in exchange she gives him the way out of the vents and onto the roof of Arkham so he can escape.

For the most part this moment stood out to me simply because it is funny. Obviously neither of them was expecting to encounter another person crawling around the Arkham air vents and their reactions to each other is pretty priceless. Selina calls Nygma forensics guy and he calls her street trash girl. She confronts him on framing Gordon and he reminds her that she tried to turn Gordon in for the reward. The moment also stands out of course because although Nygma might have found his way to the roof without Selina’s directions, she probably never would have found Indian Hill without Nygma’s help. And that would mean that our last stand out moment couldn’t happen.

Next: #4:....Butch And Penguin Kill Azrael... With A Rocket Launcher

Standout Moment No. 4: Butch And Penguin Kill Azrael… With A Rocket Launcher

Azrael goes to Wayne Manor to kill Bruce, and encounters resistance in the form of Alfred and then Gordon. The fight ranges around the house and property until Azrael confronts Alfred Gordon and Bruce just inside the open front gates of Wayne Manor. Gordon shoots at Azrael but when he is out of bullets it looks like it could be curtains for one of them until Penguin and Butch arrive to finish off Galavan once and for all. Butch has a rocket launcher in hand and doesn’t hesitate to blow Azrael to smithereens with it. Penguin tells Gordon and co. “you’re welcome!” and the two leave once again. With Galavan in many pieces we can hope that not even Hugo Strange will be able to bring him back from the dead this time.

It should be pretty obvious why this moment stood out to me as important but it wouldn’t be much of a review if I didn’t explain why I chose this moment for my slideshow. Theo Galavan has been an important character this season and to see him finally destroyed in a hopefully permanent fashion is a very big deal. He was bad news for a lot of the biggest characters on the show and I know they will all be glad to be rid of him. I’m watching this scene again right now as I write this and I absolutely love the music used to accompany Butch and his rocket launcher and the fact that Butch says “night fellas” and Alfred sort of waves at him bemusedly.

Next: #5:....Selina Finds Firefly In Indian Hill

Standout Moment No. 5:

Selina Finds Firefly In Indian Hill

Selina follows Nygma’s directions and not only makes it into Indian Hill but she also finds her way into the room where her friend Bridget a.k.a. Firefly is held. In the last episode Strange realizes that his subjects need to be implanted with new memories and new personas, and it becomes immediately clear that he has done this to Bridget as well as Azrael. Firefly does not seem to remember Selina or even herself at all and is under the impression that Selina is a subject Strange has sent to test Bridget. Selina’s pleas appear to fall on deaf ears and with Strange and Peabody watching from the observation window above them Firefly attacks Selina with her flame thrower and that is how the episode ends.

I’m fairly positive that the Gotham creative team has not been killed, as she is a major character not only on the show but in Bruce’s life as well and killing her would be a big mistake. Personally I think that Firefly may have remembered herself and is using that fire as a screen to prevent Strange and Peabody from seeing Selina for a moment for some reason. Alternatively the fire was just to scare Selina as they plan to keep her captive. I wish my first theory was right but after seeing the preview for next week’s episode where Alfred berates Bruce for putting Selina’s life in danger and we see a glimpse of Bruce in Arkham likely there to rescue her it seems that my second theory is more likely.

Well that’s all from me this week I hope you liked our five standout moments of Unleashed. Be sure you are following us on Twitter so you can chat with us as we live tweet next week’s episode of Gotham and then check back here for our slideshow review of that episode!