Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 15 Synopsis: “Destiny”


This week on the penultimate episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Sara takes command of the Waverider after Rip and Mick have been captured by the Time Masters. And Leonard decides that he wants to embrace being a hero.

River of Time” had the Legends trying to get Vandal Savage to the Time Masters–located at the Vanishing Point–after discovering that he manipulated time in order to create his own version of time travel.

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Kendra tried to break Carter’s programming by reminding him of his past, but this put a quick strain on her already delicate relationship with Ray. Soon, Vandal preyed on each team members’ trust issues and manipulated them into questioning each others’ motives. When Ray’s anger takes over, he goes into Vandal’s cell to fight him. Ray, quickly overpowered, played right into Vandal’s plans for escape.

When the team faces off with Vandal, it triggers Carter to remember his past lives. Breaking free from his brainwashing, Carter attacks Vandal, but is critically stabbed. Kendra finally defeats Vandal, and he’s subsequently brought in front of the Time Masters for a trial.

Little did Rip know, the Time Masters were actually in cahoots with Vandal. They end up freeing Vandal and apprehending Rip instead. Vandal’s last words are taunts of killing Rip’s family.

This week, we’ll see if Rip will be able to escape the confines of the Vanishing Point and finish his mission in stopping Vandal Savage. Here’s the official synopsis for “Destiny”:

"CAPTURED – Being in the vicinity of the Time Masters leaves Rip (Arthur Darvill) and Rory (Dominic Purcell) incredibly disturbed for very different reasons.  Meanwhile, Sara (Caity Lotz) takes over the Waverider, Kendra (Ciara Renée) is reunited with Carter (guest star Falk Hentschel) and Snart (Wentworth Miller) decides he might be a hero after all."

And, of course, the promo for the episode:

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Enjoy this week’s new episode, and check back with us on Friday morning for our full recap and review.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Thursdays at 8:00PM EST.