The Worst $900 Batman Sneakers Ever


Valentino has teamed up with DC (and Marvel) for some terrible designs including Batman

High-priced designer shoes are pretty common. Hey, they aren’t any more ridiculous than statues of your favorite heroes running around a thousand dollars, and at least you can wear those. Attach any well known designer and obviously the price of a shoe is going to skyrocket, even if it isn’t any better than $50 shoes you can get at a department store, but there’s certainly a market for that.

But I feel this time, a famous designer doing his interpretation of a popular brand is a big mistake. Valentino has partnered with DC and Marvel to make uber expensive shoes and t-shirts, with designs inspired by some of comics biggest heroes, Spider-Man, Superman and of course our favorite Batman.

And nothing is wrong with that in theory. An artist giving his interpretation is fine. But when it’s an officially licensed product, especially costing nearly $900 (which the shoes do), it should easy to look at that product and say “hey those are clearly Batman shoes” or Superman, or Spider-Man. The problem is none of these shoes would be recognizable to ANYBODY. And the worst offender is easily the Batman pair.

Sure, black and yellow can work as colors. But what is the symbol on these shoes? A GODDAMN MOTH. You’re going to have comic book fans thinking you paid $900 for frakking Killer Moth shoes. I’m not saying the iconic Bat Symbol has to be on there, but there are so many other things you could’ve put on that shoe that would accurately represent Batman and a moth is about as wrong as you can go. BATS EAT MOTHS. See more of these extremely over-priced tragedies in gallery below:

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Again, I don’t really have an issue with super expensive designer shoes, or even taking an interpretation on a character. But if you have an official license deal, make the products recognizable or at least easily explainable.

h/t Highsnobiety